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  1. That really does look nice. I also like the background sections that it's standing on.
  2. Excellent news. Finally a game that's worth considering buying a PS3 for...
  3. Hi all, I know that I'm extremely late to the party but I've only just picked up a copy of MAF for my PSP. I remember seeing someone post an image here (of menu's with english translations) many moons ago, and would appreciate if someone could repost them in this thread. I'm currently playing the game from the beginning every time I fire up the PSP because I don't know where the save option is.
  4. Mmm. ARMD's = yummy!
  5. that looks bloody awesome....
  6. Most definately....a 1/48 yammie is now $100 more @ HLJ (closing in on the $400 mark). Sorry, but thats too high a price for me. I'm out.
  7. I think he'll choose Bobby the bridge queen.
  8. Mmmm... yummy! Thanks for the heads-up.
  9. Ok, thanks guys.... I'll pick up one of these new one's as well when it comes out...
  10. jenius, anytime soon = you'll be waiting for another 10 years. yes/no?
  11. ...is now a discontinued line at HLJ. Can someone tell me what the chances are of yamato re-releasing it in the future?
  12. I'm quite sure there's a crusty old F14 pilot by the name of 'hoser' that would disagree with you...
  13. That maybe true but the publishers have chosen to begin marketing the game to the greater public... so you cant blame fans of the series of being afraid that a potentially dark & evil game will turn into sparkling rainbows of gh3yness....
  14. 1/48 = 3 pcs 1/60 = 2 pcs 1/72 = 0 pcs
  15. ....I'm guessing that there is some kind of alternate meaning to the phrase 'pineapple salad' that I dont know about?!?!
  16. daeudi, I'm not seeing the 'already translated' commands in your post, is there supposed to be an another image perhaps?
  17. err...... would anyone here have the sprite sheets / tilemaps for Macross Since 1983 kinda ...errrr....lying around somewhere?
  18. please add ebay seller ndh1974
  19. I'm still interested in seeing the translation for the above image though!
  20. As an owner of about 4 ace combats...I can safely say that pretty much ALL of the ace combats have a tunnel run mission of some sort, sometimes 2-3 of them.... (some can be pretty fustrating though). Thats why I've always thought that big-west (or whoever owns the macross rights) should simply approach the group that make the ace combats and get them to do a macross game (...or two (...or three)). I honestly think that they would do a great job, and it would be relatively easy for them as well, simply use the existing game dynamics, add a few space missions, a few atmosphere ones, a few with both, simply create some new models to cover the macross world & all it's enemies and there you have it. Familiar ACE COMBAT missions: Take down a giant plane(s) Take out a giant submarine. Take out some sort of super weapon. Chase and destroy a cruise missile. Escort choppers. Fly inside some sort of superstructure mission. Sink ships. Mid air refuelling. Runway & Carrier landings. Loads of *excellent* dogfights against enemy aces. Loads of bombing runs. Oh...and the ability to fly back to base to resupply mid mission. AND most of all...try to evade way too many missiles in every mission. Now, it's not too hard to replace the above with familar macross 'missions'. Big west! (if your reading)... YOU CAN DO IT! ninja edit: oh yeah...one more thing. most have HANGARS where you buy and sell planes, so they already have the facility where you could mix and match fighters...and when you pass through the games a few times, you get extras like the ability to choose different colours schemes and stuff.
  21. What I'd like to know is how is she supposed to have survived after setting off the DE?
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