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  1. The HMR Bat-shu is pretty nice too, just wished it came with the spear just like his RD counterpart I hope that the Mk-ii transformation to its prowler mode is solid, though the prowler mode is a pretty meh alt-mode
  2. https://www.taghobby.com/archives/446199 Eva-01 recolor with Spear of Longinus. I guess it’s great for those that missed the first one .....
  3. Is the sentinel getter 1 in scale with the gx-91? Might do the same since I also prefer sentinel’s getter 1
  4. 1/6 Sarutahiko figure from IMCMPLX line by Bryan Lie. 1/6 Motopscyle by Calvin's Customs
  5. Yaaaaaasssss, just got a tracking from Bluefin’s and I’m guessing it’s the Eva-02 since that’s the only thing I’ve ordered from them recently ❤️❤️❤️
  6. Hobby Search comes through! I sent a video of the loose joint then a pic of the misassembled ankles. They're asking for me to return it using the cheapest method possible then to allow for some wait as they get a replacement from the manufacture. They will reimburse me for shipping. Great customer service! "Thank you very much for your inquiry, and we are very sorry to hear of the trouble. We understand that the product is defect, so we would like you to return the product to us in order to receive a replacement from the manufacturer. <snip, snip> ....Please note that it may take time for the manufacturer to send us the replacement, so please allow us time for this."
  7. Emailed Hobby Search about the defects a few days ago. No response yet.
  8. So my other wing joint on the other side started to loosen up as well. It's the same piece as the one I reported on earlier but on the right side. I don't know if it was possible to design the wing joints with detentes but I know of no other way that the joints can remain stiff while still needing to articulate. And I was soooo looking forward to a cannon fodder and the Nora version. This sucks
  9. Has anyone had any success getting an issue fixed with a problematic valk? Been out of the valk loop for some time now so I'm not sure what type of response we'll be getting from the retailers we bought our valks from.
  10. Pledge Floor Care Multi-Surface Finish. From your description earlier, I deduced that this was the joint that was problematic for you. Mine has a little bit of play on the left side but it doesn't flop when you flip the fighter upside down. Hope this helps you out, and at least you're not having to deal with the misassembled ankles :P
  11. LOL, just my luck, I have a misassembled ankle. FML Edit: just like what Anubis posted from twitter. Pic attached
  12. So what I did was to drip a tiny bit into the gaps around the pin joint (I circled the areas in black with the attachment). Move the joint around, wait a while, then do it again a few hours later. Check back the next day to see how the joint is doing. Repeat as necessary. Make sure to clean up the area around the joint since floor polish can leave the plastic shiny. I use a little alcohol to wipe the floor polish off from the surrounding areas. I use a syringe to access those hard to reach places. You can get syringes from Amazon. Edit: probably a good idea to do this for all the joints that articulate the wings. Doesn't hurt the toy at all. It's a non-permanent solution, so you'll have to do this again as the polish will grind into dust with repeated use of the joint.
  13. LOL, as drastic as your defect looks, you're wise to keep that copy and fix the foot. Pin joints are never 100% fixable, while you'll have a lot more success with sanding and epoxying the two pieces together. I'd rather have your defect than loose wing joints.
  14. So far, I've transformed my SV-51 through all 3 modes and back. So far, the only joint that's problematic is the one I mentioned in my earlier post (the joint on the piece of the wing that has the blue lens on it, the joint that connects it to the body). I used the floor polish fix to tighten it, and after waiting for it to dry, the polish seems to have hardened and tightened the joint. Happy with the SV-51. Looks awesome in all 3 modes. The fighter mode resembles a real-life fighter plane (the Sukhoi). The gerwalk mode with its wings articulated and feet-as-claws, it looks like a bird of prey. The battroid mode looks less like a humanoid and more an alien. Such a unique valk that stands in contrast with Kawamori's later designs which just seems so derivative, IMO. I compared it to my Yamato copy the other day. The transformation gaps on the Arcadia version aren't as bad as the Yamato. I think these gaps exist to allow for some room for the parts to move into place instead of grinding into each other. The overall look seems more refined to me from the original, but only slightly. I would only recommend this valk if you're a fan of the design. The high price tag, coupled with the inconsistent QC that ArchieNov brought up, might not be worth it for non-fans.
  15. Yeah I think my feet were slightly crooked when it was retracted into the leg, but it seems fine when I pull them out. Have yet to transform it back to fighter to see if the feet can be straightened out while retracting into the lets
  16. So I finally transformed my copy for the first time today, only to find out that the joint that attaches the wing assembly to the left side of the body, behind the shoulder joint in battroid mode, is loose and can’t hold the wing assembly in the up position. I’ve attached a pic of the area and circled the problematic joint. It’s a hollow pin hinge joint. Does anyone have any ideas as how to tighten hollow pin joints? I’ve tried floor polish but so far it hasn’t been a good fix. Thanks!
  17. @Dobber, your cammo SV-51 made me salivate back in the day and it still does
  18. The outer wing part is connected to the inner wing part with some kind of clicking mechanism that’s designed to prevent the outer wing from sagging, and the wing joints are stiff enough to keep their positions, whether they be straight or in the semi-folded positions during gerwalk and battroid. The fast packs are hollow and light and don’t add that much weight to weigh the outer wings down. Of course, that’s the condition out of the box. Fingers crossed that the joints don’t looosen up after multiple transformations
  19. The wing joints are sufficiently tight enough to prevent wing sag, even with the full payload and fast pack on.
  20. Just got mine a few hours ago, attached is a quick pic. I haven’t transformed it so I won’t be able to report on the transformation process. There was a question regarding the transformation gaps. The gaps are there and don’t seem to be better than the original Yamato versions (I have both the Nora and the CF version). The gaps don’t bother me as much as the fact that things don’t tab in as well as they should, given the new tooling that Arcadia gave the SV-51. The wing roots don’t tab in as well into the main body, and the rear stabilizers don’t tab in at all into the legs (like the original Yamato which I hoped they would fix). Just like the original, a lot of time is spent keeping components properly aligned when handling. Still, the tiny little joints that enable the wing transformations feel firm enough to keep things in general shape. I don’t remember the front canards to be foldable and rotatable, and if this is a change, it’s a welcome change since you can easily break that front canard were it fixed. Just like with any valk, it might take me a while to transform into its other modes since I’m enjoying the fighter version thoroughly. I’m partial to the older Valk designs (pre Frontier, with the exception of the VF-27) and I’m happy that one of my favorite birds got an update
  21. Haven't gotten an email from Bluefin either besides the original confirmation. I'm a little worried, especially with all these other preorders popping up that we could be hopping on.
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