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  1. The ankles look to be the same design as on the VF-19S (the only other one I have to compare to it.), they have a bit of lateral wiggle to them. Other than that, everything is super tight.
  2. Haven't done anything other than handle it in fighter mode yet, but I'll update shortly.
  3. Just opened the box, something's missing! Time to email HLJ. Everything else looks to be accounted for though. Should be an easy fix.
  4. The only issue I have with the episode is that it seems like the air show is the first time that Hayate is in the cockpit of his -31.
  5. Payment request just went out from HLJ.
  6. They probably never had any reason to realize they had such relatively short lives until humans came along, so it likely wasn't an issue to them.
  7. HLJ has it listed as discontinued now, but no changes to my order. Probably just sold all that they knew they had coming.
  8. While I'd prefer a renewal VF-25 of some sort, this will work just fine, and a whole lot cheaper and easier.
  9. Chekhov's Gun:First thing we see is a guy eating the apple before going berserk. Not counting the other associations between apples and Windemere that they've brought up.
  10. Not really a big fan of the Bandai design. I like the cleaner and simpler look of the Arcadia, as well as the cooler color used.Had I known about the DX when it first came out I probably would've gotten one at retail, but that ship has sailed. Same situation with the YF-30. By the time I knew it was even a thing it was far too late. So after the Arcadia YF-19 I'm aiming for a DX VF-31C.
  11. Been a while since I've been active here, 2009, after I got my first Yamato Valk, CF VF-0A. I now have 2 Yamatos! YF-19 was always a favorite design of mine, but I wasn't paying attention and missed out on Arcadia's initial release. Ended up settling on a VF-19S, and now love it! (YF-19 reissue is currently on preorder) Also snagged a Legacy Falconzord, after the Toys R Us website restocked at the lower price point.
  12. Of course we'll need to wait for the actual release and reviews of it, but it seems that the stands are there more to keep the whole thing from toppling over, rather than keeping the arms from sagging. The gun and flight deck are a lot of stuff to be holding out that far, and there's no substantial counterbalance to keep it upright otherwise (can't really tell about ship mode though).
  13. This is wonderful news! Though I'm going to wait a bit, since I'm not quite sure of how to list the VF-0's arm breakage, due to the lack of a parts list in the manual. Also, isn't Yamato's fix a whole new arm?
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