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  1. looking for 1/100 Monster to place in a 1/100 Macross Factory. however, i don't fancy the yamato version which i thought lacked detail. i don't mind if it's a model kit. were there any monsters that were put out in 1/100 toy or model? if not, what's the closest scale and most detailed? thanks!
  2. thanks, warmaker. i am going the #1 route for the service bay and hangar dio. just got the macross factory, though it is 1/100 scale, i can probably replace the obviously smaller service vehicles with the 1/72 hase service crew and equipment sets which i also just got. at first i wasn't planning on doing modelling, but i just can't get it out of my head now. can't wait 'till i get a long break from work. i'm still doing #2 route but no servicing or hangar, just this scene instead for my 1/60 toys, with a little modification i also found these forums to make the yamato arm grasp the fastpacks. the yamato arms are proving to be expensive though. same reason why i'm shying away from the 1/48 option. space too, is a constraint. thank you for laying out the logic though, it gives me some affirmation on some of the choices i've made.
  3. very sound advise, noyhauser. and i do appreciate it. thank you. you're right, i am not an experienced modeller by any stretch. though i did build car models when i was a kid, i haven't done any kits in years. also built a transforming and combining Voltes V out of cigarette cartons because my parents couldn't afford to buy me one. so yeah, you're also right about the determination bit. unfortunately, that Voltes V didn't survive the robo-beast attack of my kid brother, thereby ending my modelling hobby, at least for nearly two decades... i've recently ordered a bunch of hasegawas, including non-macross planes for practice, and just one photo-etch set which i won't touch until i feel i'm up to it. also just got the 1/100 macross factory to serve as starting point for my dio, until i pick up some scratch building skills. and i think i joined the right forum to learn from some of the best. you guys have been very helpful and you make this site rock! also planning on getting the launch arm, hence the choice of hasegawa, because the resin valk might be too heavy for it. redfinger, i see you're also watching the arm at SSM. leave some for me please
  4. thanks guys. that info was very helpful. you've saved me some money. just curious, how much were the 1/72 Club M's you've seen? the one i was eyeing was $100+ are the missiles and weapons interchangeable between these two brands?
  5. argh! i feared as much. thanks for confirming though. does anyone have a close up pic of the FPs on this beauty? i found a couple of old threads talking about this but the pictures were gone and the links seemed dead..
  6. that would be fantastic! even a brief description of the detail differences would still be helpful though. i guess it's too much to expect a 1/72 to have the crazy detail of the 1/48 Club-M, so i'm just interested to know which of the 1/72's feature more of it. thanks sdf-1 for that bit of info.
  7. noob question, sorry. already checked the main site and a fair search of the forums, but can't seem to find info on the differences between Hasegawa and Club-M kits for the 1/72 VF-1S. so aside from price, what gives? different details? is one better than the other? appreciate any info/links. thanks
  8. Major Focker


    thanks for the heads up. i did check out shoppesville but wasn't paying attention to the shop names, so not sure if i missed wasabi. i looked up their web page though, and even if they didn't have the VF-1S Strike 1/60 Yamato, i did find a couple of things i was interested in. lucky break! if anyone can recommend any on-line stores based in asia, i'd truly appreciate it. i'm trying to cut down on the shipping charges. would be great if there were more PH based on-line stores; easier to check what's available that way and don't have to worry about parking which can get really crazy in manila. so far i only know of greattoys and now wasabi as having any online presence. Edit: btw, that avatar you got there maverick, got me poking at my laptop screen a couple of times..
  9. thanks for the info and insights, promethuem. guess i'll just have to create a separate dio for the 1/48, or learn how to scratch-fab a 1/60 fast pack i did check the main site gallery of toys and kits previously, but couldn't tell from what was there if the 1/72 Club-M had the mini-missile fastpack detail, or not.
  10. thank you everyone for your thoughts. i'm now inclined to pass on this one. how much is a good price for this by the way? that might just change my mind VT-1 and VE-1 on the way. can't wait! the hunt continues for the elusive VF-1S Strike..
  11. thanks 007, that VF looked sweet. i am willing to take apart any toy or model and put some work in to get the effect i want, but fabricating parts might pose a challenge for me. i found someone selling a Club-M 1/72 VF-1S. does anyone know if these have the mini-missiles in the fastpacks like in the Club-M 1/48 version? also, would the 1/72 look out place beside a 1/60 VF-1 toy? grateful if anyone can post size comparison pics of 1/72 vs 1/60 VF-1S Strike and if possible side-by-side of just the fastpacks in the 2 scales. many thanks
  12. yes that pic was of a 1/48 yamato toy. i really like the removable fastpack panels and exposed mini-missiles. i think the 1/48 Club M model also had this detail, not sure if it's also present in their 1/72. unfortunately the 1/60 yamato toys do not feature this. the reason i'm looking for 1/60 models with this detail feature is that i'm planning to make a diorama with a VF-1S being serviced on one end, and on the other end a hangar of other valkyries (VE-1, VT-1, VF-1J, VF-1A) being refueled. this is basically one whole level of a long bookshelf, that will pull double-duty as a display setting and storage for my expanding 1/60 collection. so i'm hoping to make the scale consistent otherwise it might look odd to have a big 1/48 being serviced while the others in the hangar are distinctly smaller. i'm keeping my fingers crossed that there is a 1/60 toy or model out there that has the fastpack mini-missile detail... Edit: anyone know if any of fastpack model kits in other scales are close enough to the dimensions on the 1/60 toy so i can just kitbash? i've heard yamato sometimes fudges the scaling on the 1/60's..
  13. been trawling the forums all afternoon, but can't seem to find any info on this. were there any 1/60 VF-1S Strike kits that featured at least this level of detail on the fastpacks?
  14. long-time macross fan but noob collector here, so need some quick advice someone's offering me a 1/60 VF-1D, but i just recently got the super ostrich. and the one i'm really hunting for is the 1/60 VF-1S Strike Focker.. do you think the 1D is a worthwhile investment for reselling later on, or that i could use it to trade for a VF-1S Strike? thanks.
  15. WOW! thanks for the pics man! these are 1/60 scale, right? ok, that's it. who do i have to kill to get these? seriously, who makes these, where to get them... appreciate any links, leads... Edit: um... wait. got over excited back there. can the fast pack covers be removed to show the mini-missiles like these?
  16. noob question, so please bear with me: were there any 1/60 or 1/72 VF-1 toys (and/or model kits) that featured the mini-missile detail of the 1/48 FAST packs? has anyone tried to kitbash a model kit FAST pack to a 1/60 VF-1 yamato? planning to make a hangar scene but the 1/48's are proving to be too big. thanks
  17. nice find, thanks mate! placed my very first pre-order at HLJ (or any order for that matter), so yeah, i think i'm getting the hang of this collecting hobby. now the waiting starts.... are there any support groups out there on how to deal with this?
  18. Major Focker


    ruskii, thanks. alain, yup. been to goldrcrest and greenhills branches of greattoys. still hoping there are other toy stores i haven't discovered. maybe in new manila, or taft, or chinatown...
  19. i think these are what you're looking for: just google "ground crew" or "ground equipment" and add either hasegawa, revell, fujimi to narrow the search, or add 1/48, 1/60, 1/72 to really drill down. i'm planning to build a diorama myself after i was inspired by this one: http://www.chimera-art.com/cpg135/thumbnails.php?album=36 now i'm torn between doing 1/48 or 1/72. i like the 1/48 because of the mini-missile detail in the fastpacks, but most of the model kits for hangars are in 1/72.
  20. Major Focker


    well i'm from manila but spent quite a bit of time in cebu some years ago. dili makasulti, pero dili din mabaligya! hope some more pinoys show up. i'm looking for someone who can teach me custom painting and weathering techniques.
  21. Major Focker


    yeah, i'm going to get the 1/48 VF-1S Focker too (geez, this is an expensive hobby). otherwise what would a major focker be doing without his plane, right? i'm looking for the 1/60 VF-1S Strike though so i can make a custom VF-1S Strike Hikaru for a diorama i'm planning to make. you know the scene when hikaru let's loose on bodolza? the 1/48 would be simply too big for this, and the revoltech might not have enough detail.. also, i just scored a VT-1 and VE-1 and in negotiations for a VF-1D, so might as well complete the 1/60 cast, right? i would trade the VF-1D for a VF-1S Strike in a heartbeat though..
  22. Major Focker


    first post too! and based in manila (most of the time). been lurking quite a while, finally registered when a recent trip to HK rekindled my interest for all things macross. just spent the past couple of weekends hunting down yamatos north to south (literally! trinoma, sm city, greenhills, megamall, goldcrest/glorieta, festival mall) and still that 1/60 VF-1S Strike Focker and 1/48 VF-1S Hikaru remains elusive... so hard to find these in manila and so few toy stores that carry macross. would you know if i missed any? thanks!
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