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  1. Pretty cool, as mecha go. And I have yet to see ANY toy that comes close to beating the MPC in represeting Guardian mode. That YF pic just clinched it for me.
  2. Beautiful work. Nothing more need be said.
  3. Actually, I don't mind the YF-1R all that much. It's cool, in a freakish mecha-fashion.
  4. We must have pics of that Lacota, David
  5. Pretty pictures. Now, if only I could understand the text...
  6. New dialect, perhaps? Communicating in the Zentradi language is a good way for spies to operate. Not many people know it or have the desire to learn it.
  7. There are more people scared of spiders than there are people scared of ants. Filmmakers try to use this extremely common phobia to add tension to their films, with varying degrees of success.
  8. A Robotech idea is presented and discussed on MW and it get's bashed outright? Gee, what a surprise. It's reactions like this that make me loath to reccomend MW to other people and even to drop by.
  9. Exactly. I don't have to be happy about it, now do I?
  10. Perhaps not, but we have raised over-bitching about movies that have yet to even be made to a new level of art.
  11. Personally, I'm rather dissapointed with both the TV ending and the EoE ending. Both left much to be desired in the way of closure for the series.
  12. ok, the destroids seen in Zero are going to be the Prototypes for the ones later on down the road ( SW1) so to put in in English, Zero takes place in '08 and SW1 takes place in 2010, so therefore the new destroids are actually the "old" destroids. Not quite. I know I said I'd never do this, but look at the Compendium, and I quote for the Tomahawk: As you say, this is 2008. That means that this Destroid was in use by 2007, a full year before 2008. To me, this finally nails the coffin on any hope of continuity for Macross. Macross Zero has new designs for everything, regardless.
  13. What's the reasoning behind the new Destroids? Weren't the old ones good enough?
  14. I'll grant you that the over abundace of escort missions was irrititating as hell. Taking on hordes and hordes of Zentradi on all by yourself, while quickly tiresome, does fit into the continuity. I rather enjoyed BC as a whole, especially the chance to FINALLY prove to my brother that yes, I'm a far better Veritech pilot than he B)
  15. Actually, I like how BC only allowed the variants for the VF-1 series. The idea of playing seven different mecha in one game isn't exactly the most thrilling to me. Save all that space by using one mecha and programming properly.
  16. Care to give us your reasons, Ladic? (not that I'm gonna hurt you for them or anything, I also like the MPC) B)
  17. You guys want to talk about a slump, try this one of for size A year and a half ago, I bought a 1/55th CF-1A from Hobbylink. A little over a month ago I bought two of the Alpha Superposables. Right now, all three toys are occupying the top shelf of my closet, still in their boxes. However, I sense the end of my vacation from toys coming. A 1/48th, an MPC Prime, an MPC Alpha or three...
  18. I strongly doubt we'll see much in the way of Destroids in Vol 3. Destroids simply get no love in Macross, since they don't transform (not counting the Koing, of course). I get the feeling that we'll see them for about a second and a half during a combat scene, much as we did in SDF Macross and DYRL. I doubt the Destroids were even around in Mac7/Plus.
  19. Any idea when/if Spy Troops will be available in Canada? What about the toys? When are they released?
  20. I've never played Baldur's Gate (I or II), so I wouldn't know about the plot being ripped off. Predictable? In some places. The Revan twist caught me off-guard, though. And what glitches? I don't think I encountered a glitch. If I did, I didn't notice it. And if you're waiting for a non-Jedi FPS game, try Republic Commando. Dunno when it's due out, but it's looking to be a return to the Dark Forces style of game. Set in the same timeframe as KotoR, as I recall.
  21. I love KotoR. The RPG mechanics don't bug me, but that's because I play the pen-and-paper RPG as well Though I'll grant you it was definitly odd to go into combat and NOT immediatly button-mash. Having to queue up my moves and then wait for them to happen took some getting used to. However, the plot of KotoR is was kept me in the game. Much like MGS, the plot and representation of it was what drew me along for the ride. JO (and JA, it seems) felt like MGS2: glitzy toys without the story and plot to keep me occupied.
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