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  1. For pre-ordering this bad boy, what works best for someone in Los Angeles? BBTS, HLJ, AmiAmi, or other? Thanks in advance!
  2. Looks great. I like that you didn't go weathering crazy. Very tasteful.
  3. LOVE this idea. I love transforming bikes as well. Hope you can make it happen. Good luck.
  4. Hirohawa's Mustang scheme is great. Inventive and unique!
  5. Wow. Great finds! Thanks for the heads-up!!!
  6. Will that SDF-1 come with a bendable waist?
  7. Who brought the other set of holy grails (Elint, Taka Super, SuperO)?
  8. As usual, seeing the rare pieces of xstoys stuff is great. On that note, can anyone tell me what the Strike Valk with the small type is? I haven't seen that before. (To the immediate left of the Tread combo pack.) Is that a "single pack" of some sort?
  9. Just curious, have you ever "pied" anyone else that you felt "deserved it" in your life? You gotta be pretty pissed off to do something like that.
  10. Holy poo. That's crazy. I can't even begin to imagine what happened. I'm actually really sad to hear about this news. Benoit always struck me as one of the greats. EDIT: SH!T. Murder-suicide... http://www.1wrestling.com/news/newsline.asp?news=29039
  11. I've only got this one. Don't know if it's the same as what you're looking for...
  12. Not bad. Solid. Guess I was expecting a more "explosive" finale. Well, one with a little more happening at least. Wasn't terrible, but wasn't great IMO. Hiro vs. Sylar seemed a little anti-climactic to me. Oh well, bring on Generations! Interestingly, my friend's cool thought from last week just might turn out to be true. You heard it here first! http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?...st&p=488053 I also have a feeling that Lost's season finale will be waaay better than the one for Heroes.
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