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  1. About time someone mashed those two devices together
  2. The 3 aircraft dlc is up on the PlayStation store (well in australia anyway) you can buy them separately or together (its cheaper to buy all three)
  3. You would of think dave was a hal9000 reference from space odessey 2001 and dave is also a nickname for americans to i know australians do call them that
  4. Why dose Flounder Come to mind (as in confusion and great difficulty )
  5. Look like a shark opening its mouth to eat something
  6. I finally passed it 2 weeks ago and had enough to buy the wyvern straight away
  7. I can not get pass mission 11 , as i have not not been playing games for a while i lost the zone i was in when ac6 was out and i just do not feel like playing it much as i think i might have burnout
  8. Better save it for the wyvern as it is 2,000,000 mrp i hear
  9. Dose any one know how exactly to unlock the x02 strike wyvern on the aircraft tree is it just complete normal campaign mode or higher or do you need to distroy a certain type of building? Etc......
  10. John Warden Comments On Transformers Movie Franchise Future http://news.tfw2005.com/2018/02/18/john-warden-comments-transformers-movie-franchise-future-359410 i would not rejoice abot tf movie verse just yet
  11. Mpm06 is ironhide http://news.tfw2005.com/2018/01/09/mpm-06-masterpiece-movie-ironhide-revealed-356433
  12. Dont you mean a “vast majority” do not want as im sure barbie and hot wheel collectors buy mattel stuff?
  13. It will ba availble on Playstation 4 , XBox One & PC
  14. It due in 2025 as cvn 80 https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Enterprise_(CVN-80)
  15. I can see the f14 and f18 (with some stealth characteristics like the intakes on the f22) but can not see the f15 in it though it was accidently leaked by hasbro back in october that there would be a 30th Generations Leader Class Jetfire and Megatron link tfw2005
  16. Thanks for that info , i didn't know if it was or not.
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