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  1. Here you go, just finished my YF-21.
  2. Honestly shocked that they included the Sound Booster instead of making it a P-Bandai add-on.
  3. Still working on mine, but here it is sans backpack with the HG YF-19 EDIT: for the record, I'm using the Gundam Lining Pencil for this (same as I did the YF-19). I just thought it would turn out better than using the Gundam Markers I normally use.
  4. Pardon my terrible pics. I skipped Gerwalk because...who am I kidding, I can't be the only one who thought the YF-19's Gerwalk was an afterthought lol. Other notes I made: -I did buy the waterslides, but only ones I used were the U.N.SPACY ones on the legs/gun/left wing, and the 19 on the left shoulder. Also, on the left wing, black part is a sticker. I was worried Mr Mark Setter/Softer would eat through it when applying the U.N.SPACY decal, but no worries. -Several color correcting stickers, but no big deal to me. Some have waterslide versions if that's more your thing (the red/green bits on the wing tips I did with Sharpies). -Used the Gundam lining pencil instead of Gundam Markers, I think it turned out nicely. -There are obvious attachment points for the FAST Pack. C'mon, Bandai -Very light weight and super easy to transform thanks to the Shortcut Change feature (aka Partsforming. IMO frakk perfect transformation on a model kit, leave that to the DX and HMR figures). To be honest, it feels nice to know I can put this in any mode I want without having to spend 10-20+ minutes and not needing to tear my hair out. Overall impressions, I'm very satisfied with the first entry in this new HG 1/100 Macross line. Can't wait for the upcoming Durandal. EDIT: Added Gerwalk and all parts
  5. As great as these are, I can't be the only one who finds the stands to be absolutely god damn frakking infuriating, right? Like jesus christ.
  6. Got mine in yesterday, didn't have much time to mess around with it until tonight. Had the same issue with an intake cover that someone else here mentioned, but I finally managed to force it in. And the ball joint for the right trigger hand was super loose, so I ended up using the other hand with movable fingers to hold the rifle. Only my 3rd DX so far (after WW Messiah and Hayate's Siegfried), but it's my favorite so far. And I've always been a fan of Max since the original.
  7. "Which Macross series would you like to see added to the Tiny Sessions line?" Macross 7, easily. Sound Force would be perfect for the line.
  8. My preorders, stand, and Siegfried all came it at once today. It's like Christmas in October. And for being condition B/B off AmiAmi, Siegfried is perfect. Haven't noticed any scratches or loose joints or missing parts (and it was about $125 before shipping, feel like I got a good deal on it).
  9. ToyArena has this in stock, if you're really wanting it now. https://toyarena.com/products/bandai-dx-chogokin-vf-25-messiah-valkyrie-worldwide-anniversary-ver-action-figure?_pos=65&_sid=cef02ab54&_ss=r I ordered it last Friday and just got it. My first DX Valkyrie, if I'm being honest (Only other one I have is the Hi-Metal R VF-1J).
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