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  1. HLJ came through. Love the new design!
  2. Was able to score one at the Dojo and can attest, I’ve done business with them for many years and rank them up at the top.
  3. Lol, ok thanks for the insight @Slave IV, that gives me hope. In any case, I'll give nin-nin a little more time before going down this road as I hate having to deal with cc companies.
  4. I'm mainly concerned a dispute through my CC may damage my relationship with paypal. I'm not sure how it would all go down, and who would 'foot' the bill in the end.
  5. So I rolled the dice with Nin Nin Games again with the VF-1D as they came through with flying colors on my Roy. Unfortunately this time around things arn't looking good. I opened up a ticket asking on the shipping status only to have it be closed a day later with no response. I waited a week later, then sent another ticket in only to be told they have 'thousands' of orders and they'll get to mine when they get to mine. Seeing how preorders happened in Dec and the release date was after paypal's 6 month protection window, I'm wondering what recourse I have, if anything. Anyone have any luck pushing a dispute directly through their CC company for a purchase made through paypal ?
  6. Had a great transaction with @Kenny G. Everything went as smooth as butter, thank you!
  7. Thanks @Alphahorizon. I did hear back from him today and sounds like a big life event is causing the delay.
  8. Communication was great up until payment was sent (7/22), now just static. Hopefully nothing nefarious is going on as I've never had a problem with a fellow board member before.
  9. @nathans82please check your messages.
  10. RIBFIR


    Thanks for the heads up Chava, but I was looking for something more in collector grade condition. The 'burnt, main item heavily damaged' portion doesn't give me any warm fuzzies lol.
  11. RIBFIR


    Looking for a Yammy Low Vis Urban Armor set. Paying well, pm me for details thanks! Found!
  12. Fantastic transaction with @jenius . Everything was smooth as butter!
  13. For the folks that have used Luna Park in the past, do they tend to ship their orders right around the release date? Also, anyone know if they still offer any promo's/coupons?
  14. Shout out to @hikaru001 for hooking me up with some rarities! Transaction went smooth as butter.
  15. Looking for a yammy 1/48 VF-1A Low Vis, paying well.
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