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  1. Had a terrific transaction with @RedComet. Thanks for the custom Roy!
  2. Thanks to @RedComet I was able to curb my hunger for a DYRL Roy. It's a beauty to behold!
  3. ty @Shizuka the Cat, although I'm highly suspicious this is a glitch. We shall see!
  4. Had another great transaction with @jeniusornome. Highly recommended seller!
  5. Ugh, did I already miss the boat with NY !?
  6. Those displays look great guys! Just got my shipping notice from NY via UPS yay!
  7. LOL, yea I see your point. I must figure out that secret sauce!
  8. Regarding sites like HLJ, how do you guys find the listing? Just keep searching the site until they make it available ?
  9. The re-list will also usually require full payment in advance if I’m not mistaken.
  10. Great news, ty for the update!
  11. RIBFIR

    Macross figures

    Ah that's an important distinction I didn't consider. Ty @jeniusornome !
  12. RIBFIR

    Macross figures

    Hmm a Sheryl Nome figure could be fun. Between the SH Figuarts version and the Megahouse version, anyone know which has better quality/screen accuracy ?
  13. Sadly I missed out on the preorder. However I am looking for a decently priced Super Parts set if you’re willing to sell separately. Pm me for details.
  14. Looking to buy an Arcadia VF-0S (Premium Edition). PM me if you have one for sale thank you! Please no references to auction sites.
  15. RIBFIR


    Looking for a Yamato/Arcadia VF-19 Kai Fire w/ booster. Paying well! Please no references to auction sites.
  16. WTB Yamato Ghost Booster for the VF-0. PM me if you have one for sale thanks!
  17. Unfortunately EMS has also been severely impacted by the pandemic. I have an EMS shipment from FJ that has been sitting in 'Acceptance' since March 30th with no signs of movement to the states.
  18. Oh, I should mention I also have an order in with NY for the SSP's. I haven't received an instock notice from them yet, but decided to see if I could upgrade my shipping. They do not offer DHL, but instead offer UPS Express Saver for a whopping 6500 yen.
  19. I received a ready to ship message from AE the other day for the SSP's and now have to figure out shipping. I've never used these guys before, and apparently they just have a 'fast' or 'slow' shipping option with no mention of carrier used. With me being in the states, I have no desire to use SAL or EMS so I pinged them about their 'fast' shipping method and it sounded like it's EMS with no option for DHL. What to do now, other then just let them hold it and hope things get better in the next couple months 8(
  20. lol, oh yes TV Roy is a must. I'd say Roy is my favorite Macross character in general
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