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  1. maybe in person and holding it  you can feel its quality not sure, but as for now with those pictures that looks like very plasticky and toyish (not desirable for collecting at least for me) not to mention that nonsense price it doesn't make any sense, I would rather look and spend for a blitzway voltron than  this. 

    or maybe I will look for one of this instead :D 


  2. not sure where to put it, but since it looks like a transformer so I hope is ok to put it here, it came out of nowhere and it really grab my attention how slick it looks in all three forms , and it seems is made out of quality materials and diecast, let's see how it goes, in the meantime I preorder it a few minutes after checking all the pictures. :D 





    Even thou the below inner part of the jet mode looks like this, it looks way better than Bay Form Starcream jet mode, this looks more aerodynamic :D 



    if someone interested here are the links:





  3. hmmm I honestly have no idea what Arcadia is thinking, release this to:  

    a) To not lose the Macross License for the VF 1's

    b) ran out of ideas

    c) easy to manufacture and have a quick cash income.

    d) None of the above :D , I have no idea :unknw:

    I have no effing doubt if they release a YF-21 under the Arcadia brand it would sell like crazy, maybe they lost the YF 21 Yamato bluprints or diagrams, just don't know :( , still nonetheless I might PO the both of them lol.

  4. Nice to see the YF-21 is getting more love, in this case  a model kit 1/100 that soon it will be available for PO and this is from Bandai as well, the POs for the DX YF-21 should closer now, still wouldn't mind if Bandai halt the DX release of the POs so it could fix that goddamn cockpit being so short, I mean just look at this model kit, in my opinion it looks spot on in all their modes, is really head scratching that Bandai is able to deliver this design in a much smaller scale and can't do that in a bigger scale.



  5. On 1/30/2023 at 4:18 PM, Lolicon said:

    Bought a Tekkaman Blade figure from some maker I've never heard of before. I it's a pretty nice figure, if a bit on the pricier side.


    I just PO last week the Reissue of Jungle of Tekkaman figure from HLJ I think is the same one you have, I always been a fan of Tekkaman and after doing some research I preorder, by the way how are material quality of this Tekkaman?, ulitmately what make me PO this figure were three things, the looks of  it, the height and very important to me the heft. 

    and this , 1 Kg? yikes!


    Not sure why in the description in HLJ or AmiAmi they don't add the manufacturing description , it took me a while to find correct one in youtube :D 

    I think it goes like this:

    Product Line: Metal Power , Maker: Innovation Point ,   Main Company name?Jungle

    Video :


  6. 5 hours ago, claude grant said:

    This is a sister site to Showzstore. They created it to handle more of the Gundam type related merch. Have ordered from them many a time with great success. What I really like is that any points you have at Showz work there also, so if you've racked up mega points you can use them across both platforms...ultra cool.

    And yes, Alex GS, whatever they set the preorder up for is all you pay to guarantee a reservation spot. They will let you know when the item is in stock and that's when the remainder of your payment is due. I hope they stick around a long time cause they are one of the most solid collectibles platforms I've had the pleasure of dealing with.

    Just noticed 'mantisfists' already answered Alex GS...my bad.

    Thanks as well Claude :good:, is always great to know more information about good sites to get our high end figures, is not that easy to jump and try buying right away import stuff from websites you have never bought or knew they existed. 

  7. 44 minutes ago, mantisfists said:

    Yes.  Also guarantees the preorder price whenever it is listed.  If the price goes up, you get the price you preordered at.  Show.z/Gundammit has some of the best after purchase customer service/support on the internet as well. Any problems with breakages or missing pieces are fixed at no cost to you. Shipping costs are included in the price, though it takes a bit longer than DHL/UPS. They also have one of the best rewards programs out there. Excellent place to order figures. I obviously highly recommend them.

    Thanks for the reply, I just order it. I hope it stays true to the design shown so far, I been collecting  high profile figures for more than a decade now and this Cyclone looks effing amazing despite some say otherwise.  

  8. 15 hours ago, no3Ljm said:

    MoShow's 'Cyclone' displayed at the Seoul PopCon 2023.





    it looks so damn good, open up the POs for this one already!,   I hope the materials used are good quality, one of the reasons I stop from buying the Riobot versions is cause it looks so fragile  and  the price is kinda high for what they are offering, and since this is Moshow I have high hopes for it.  

  9. looking around in Amazon and this pop out not sure if this was post some pages back in this thread , it actually has good reviews 😅, very Jetfire and 1/55 takatoku look alike chunkyness, but this ko is made all of plastic.



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