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  1. Most of the bad reviews refer to cheap plastic, and kinda I don't blame them, putting aside the great designs still when you grab them you instantly feel how light the valk feels , this line have always raised an eyebrow for me referring to the high metal R description, where exactly is the high metal Bandai?, unlike the Metal Robot line from Bandai mostly for Gundams , still the figures is small but you can definitely feel the heft due to its metal structure content of the figure, nonetheless I like the Hi Metal R line due to its: one is Macross :D, second it has a great detail design, and has lots of goodies inside most releases, so pretty much I know what I'm getting into when grabbing a Hi Metal R Valk so is cool, I know Bandai could do better with this line I mean just look at the insane 1/48 DX Chogokin VF valks, those are stunning :D.   Great price by the way for the VF 0S, would grab one but I just payed Ami for the Hi Metal R VF-0D a few moments ago alongside a not so nice DHL shipping handling fee. 

  2. Looks so beautiful even with low res pictures 😄, never had the opportunity to have the Yamato  or the Arcadia one due to its high selling price, even the standalone booster is very effing expensive,  so no way I'm skipping this Arcadia package release, I hope it sells fine enough so maybe just maybe Arcadia considers releasing the VF-19s and VF-19p as well.  


    6 hours ago, davidwhangchoi said:

    This is my hot take

    Dx Yf- 19 was a rip off of arcadia’s redesigned yf-19 version 3. 

    esp high speed mode wings were blatantly copied from arcadia’s version 3.  And the dx 19 came out nice.

    same for dx vf-1. copied most of arcadia 2.0 vf-1. tweaked it and it came out nice. 

    Yf-21 is bandai’s  first design for without being able to copy a redesign reference from yamato/Arcadia. May turn out good or bad. 

    i really hope Arcadia does a redesigned yf-21 to go along with their yf-19 version 3 after the dx 21 releases to stick it to bandai. 

    I kind don't think is a rip off from Arcadia the YF 19, I think  Arcadia and Bandai did a great job in their own respective YF-19 designs, the Arcadia and even Yamato love the bulkiness of each one of them how they look in their three respective forms, for Bandai love how slick/lean an more anime accurate the design is, also Bandai don't have that gap between the upper leg and lower leg in fighter mode.😄


    for the DX Bandai YF 21 in my opinion is now the opposite, the DX Yf 21 seems more bulky this time than the Yamato YF-21, the Yamato one looks more anime accurate and lean this time. Nonetheless I will try to get at leas two DX Chogokin YF 21 no doubt 😁.


  4. On 7/7/2023 at 11:58 AM, Chronocidal said:

    YF-19 is up on BBTS if anyone's still looking, but youch, $255. :blink: 


    I don't have my original record from the YF-19 Full Set purchase, but that was 25000 yen in September of 2018, when the exchange rate was roughly 110 yen to a dollar.. meaning yeah, I probably paid less for the full set than this one.  That hurts.

    wow sold out already for the DX YF-19 at the price point, it seems is indeed a hot valk, the YF-19 at least for me has to be one of the best Macross design Valks outhere and is good to see the love from this side of the world as well.

    in the meantime here is another PO for the link from eknightmedia website, is being a while I haven't bought from them but when I did I never had an issue with orders, the only thing you need to be aware of is the PO closure date, is pretty much guarantee your PO order if you get it before the closing date.




  5. Wasn't expecting a stand alone Masterpiece Optimus Prime, for me this came out of nowhere 😮

    I just PO'd MP-44S at HLJ, always wanted this version but I just couldn't spend the high price of the one with the trailer, I just hope the materials or plastic are high quality and has some heft to it. 

    PO links if someone wants one :D 





  6. 28 minutes ago, borgified said:

    So it's a 50/50 draw, Which means "We're extremely screwed up the *** ! ":wacko:

    wow! not sure but at least for me is the first time I see AmiAmi doing this, what is this?, this DX YF 19  turning into a holy grail or something? 😅, I was planning today to get another DX PO directly from Japan but oh well, still thank you very much @borgified for the information. :) 

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