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    1 hour ago, Shizuka the Cat said:

    VF-31J still available at AmiAmi.... though I think that is possibly due to a site glitch.

    I noticed that, when using either Chrome or Opera browsers, when I tried checking out my order, the browser would bug out (Chrome would give me that "Oh Snap" error message, for example) repeatedly and never let me finish checking out the order.

    However, I was successfully able to place an order using Firefox.

    Not sure if this site/browser issue is happening to other people on AmiAmi, but if it is, that would explain why AmiAmi's pre-order is still open.

    I don't think is a bug in AmiAmi webpage  even in HLJ the PO was up for a while, my opinion is that this reissue is not as appealing for customers as other Valks  because if you look for the original VF  31J you can find it kinda easily and in some cases below MSRP, even  in new condition, so there are plenty of VF 31j outhere. I was really surprised  Bandai decided to release this again, when this Valk releases all other VF 31J Hayate will go even lower price tag.  

  2. this specs mention here are some of the reasons why Im so excited for this release, alongside is MOSHOW is creating it, I got myself a brand new PROGENITOR EFFECT  Wucheng a while back and I was blown away by the quality of it.


  3. On 4/16/2024 at 5:39 PM, mikeszekely said:

    If for some reason you still don't have one, Siege Jetfire is getting a reissue.  So is the Shattered Glass Optimus & Ratchet pack.  Pulse is sold out of both already, but both can still be ordered at BBTS or Entertainment Earth.

    Supposedly MP-60/MPG-09 will go up for preorder at US stores tomorrow.  I'll be curious to see if Pulse's official price comes out to be less than the $300 TFSource is already asking.

    not joking Missing Link C01, C02 and MP 44S reignite my love for Transformers once again , now Im looking daily for Transformers  news, new releases, G1, Studio Series, etc. In the meantime a few moments ago I POd Cybertron Siege Commander JETFIRE from BBTS , saw some videos of the past release of JETFIRE and it looks amazing.  

  4. 1 hour ago, bleecher said:


    Set price to display in yen at bottom of the page, but also make sure your payment method is in yen. Converts to about $218.18, shipping remaining which is typically close to $50.


    For those interested in US options, another potential dealer is here:


    POd secured! thanks for the heads  up, no way Im letting this one go :D 

  5. 5 hours ago, no3Ljm said:

    Not sure why most of these are not carried by the regular Japan online stores. Also, the way how the shipping fee costs from Japan keeps on going up, I don't know how this one will cost seeing that some big figures shipped at Y9000+ or more.

    But if you're interested ordering stateside, the cheapest one I found is from KappaHobby at US$318.88.


    Thanks no3Ljm for the link, yeah I literally waiting for the Japan Stores to get it due to it will be less expensive, I even think even shipping wouldn't be that much but still that depends if the exchange rate maintains of course, CA taxes it what stops me from getting more figures from websites like BBTS, amazon.

  6. Thanks for the high res pics, so excited for this one , after getting my hands on MP-44S it reignited my interest for the Masterpiece Line, love the quality and heft of the 44S, Im really thinking in trying to get both MP-60 and MPG as well, GoD Ginrai in Masterpiece Line is going to be effing awesome!!.

  7. 4 hours ago, CollectorCanine said:

    Why are old people so obsessed with toys having metal? lol

    I think is not about being old lol, is about trying to get a good quality figure for the amount of cash you are spending, in my opinion we just can't call these simple toys, I mean the size of it and still paying more than 100 smackers for it well then you at least must get some quality in it right?, in plastic,  heft and not a hallow figure, also is not like you are going to your local Walmart and spend 30 plus dlls or less in a Legacy Evolution Series transformers, or how about a MOTU figure for just 14.99. So I don't mean the figure had to have an internal Metal Build series type of thing of course, Bandai should just put the correct amount of diecast in placed were it should be and make the figure feel its worth the price of admission, Bandai knows how to do it no doubt, like DX Chogokin lines, Metal Build, Soul of Chogokin, Metal Robot series, so not sure why can't do the same for the HMR line. 

  8. all the pictures look pretty damn good still I'm pretty disappointed for the H Metal R series due to well hmm.... the lack of  METAL!, the valk that make me kinda loose hope for this series was the HMR VF-0S , when I grabbed for the first time the VF 0S I was like what the heck!?, why it feels so light. Like I said HMR Basara pics look pretty damn good and it seems is made with good materials and not thin paper plastic and as a super fan of the YF-19 design(number 1 valk for me) I think will try to get one of these. 

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