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  1. So today finally received my Optimus Primes all the way from Japan, and the first thing I said when I grab the boxes why are these so hefty?, so I opened up C02 and 44S, and OMG!! the quality and the heft  just blew me away!, I thought for 44S was going to be  kinda hollow and light since it doesn't have electronics inside but NO! I was so  wrong and Im just too damn amazed of it, C02 is just as amazing the quality in plastic, the heft and colors are too damn good, in some video review of the missing links Optimus they said is like a Masterpiece quality, and I can literally confirm that, is just too damn good, so happy right now. I guess will leave C01 in its box for now :D  



  2. 5 hours ago, betocc said:

    I recently paid 13,900 yen to a proxy in order to ship by EMS an Arcadia SDF-1 Premium Finish to USA, it only took 5 days to arrive.

    DHL will be more expesive for sure, but not so much..

    my bad  I was meant to say 20 000 Y , was early in the morning today preparing for work and haven't drink my coffee yet and mistakenly put an extra Zero there 🤦‍♂️

    meant 20,000 cause last time I order from Mandarake they charged me 10 000 yen for my DX Angel Bird Valk using DHL to CA, this was from Mandarake Nagoya, definitely not ordering an Arcadia SDF 1 from them,  😅, usually I paid like 5000 to 4000 yen for normal size DX Chogoking valk in AmiAmi and HLJ using DHL .


  3. Preordered  this MOSHOWToys figure this one so damn fast the moment I saw it today:


    I think is not from the Progenitor Effect series but since I got the Wusheng figure this one that appeared today is a no brainer for me to preordered, the insane quality the Progenitor Effect Wucheng is beyond impressive size, details , heft, accessories alongside a great price is just too damn good. 

    I post this in this thread since I didn't find any other MOSHOWtoys thread, I hope is ok.


  4. 21 hours ago, shazam said:

    Excellent gift haul.

    Thanks , very glad finally got this two , the color Scheme of the Angel Birds alongside is a DX Chogokin  was the main reasons why I wanted so much this Valk, and for the VF 171 EX wanted this one for a very long time but since the old ones I hear a lot the leg breaking issues never dare to try and get one, I just hope this new version doesn't suffer from that :D 

  5. so many valks iterations in the Macross universe, and still Arcadia keeps bringing on the same valks over and over again, seriously they must not like money or they just clueless, I mean take for example Yamato YF-21 , imagine if they release one Arcadia branded, or how about the  11B ?, or better yet  how about releasing VF-1S 1/60 again but this time is not a feather weight valk?, add a bit of something new , diecast maybe?. At this point the Bandai DX 1/48 Valks are top of the line for obvious reasons still will not go into details why is that, it would be alot of text lol, but Im not saying Arcadia should do the same cause obviously Arcadia is a much smaller Company , still that shouldn't be an excuse to not thrive as company, or maybe the company is doing enough income to just fulfill wages and keep the company afloat, who knows, but as a company that has the Macross license I think they are wasting a lot of potential in that License.  

  6. 19 hours ago, ZYZY said:

    I tried FJ yesterday and my order was cancelled by them. Got similar case for one of the member here too. Update us if your order get through! 

    sadly it didn't went thru, I received as well a cancellation notice .:cray:


  7. 31 minutes ago, Powered Convoy said:

    Managed to get a preorder in from Anime Japan Geek. Has anyone used them before?


    This is his youtube channel since years,



    it lives in Japan and he literally begun first in making youtube videos of showing japanese toys from different stores there, mostly he is a big fan of Saint Seiya and secondly Macross, its youtube channel grow larger and slowly created that website for purchase toys from Japan, from a purchasing point of view it has very good reputation sending their items very well protected around the world, I havent purchase any from him just yet because sometimes it puts a huge markup price in certain items, but I think this time around for this DX is actually a pretty damn good price imo, and Im also thingking about of getting one from him.

  8. 9 minutes ago, Lolicon said:

    Unfortunately PO madness extends even to web exclusives, because Bandai hates their customers.

    will try to get one tomorrow from a proxy from japan site I think, 👆but this comment scares me 😅

  9. 11 minutes ago, seti88 said:

    wow another DX PO within the same month is a surprise indeed! 8P

    yf-21 DX release in June, and then the VT-1 DX in July!! wallet :help:

    but isn't this one Tamashii Exclusive?, so you will have to pay right away , more chance for savings for june  

  10. will had to wait this time around for the other US retailers  to see which offers the better price, like Amazon, Eknightmedia or entertainment-earth and lastly BBTS, for example the DX YF 19 in Amazon right now the PO is in a discount, at 218 bucks while currently the higher price is at BBTS at 254 dollars, not to mention add CA taxes, I mean is not that bad getting it in the US, for example 37,700 converting into dlls is around 260 dlls, now add the probably 6000 to 7000 yen of shipping , like DHL I always use that method, is like 48 dlls more, so in the end you will end up paying approximately like more than 300 bucks in total, also who knows how volatile the currency will be when this Valk releases it could be less or even higher, so who knows :unknw:




  11. is being a while this PO still open in AmiAmi releasing the VF-171EX this January , so if someone interested here it is the link:


    at least for me I'm really excited for this release , never tried to get one of the old early releases cause the reports of breaking knees or legs issue in nearly every version, I hope this one gets reinforcements in those segments. 


  12. 1 hour ago, IIymij said:

    Return of the bad photoshoper, camera angle is slightly different....

    looks like extra spacing near the front nose / sensor

    rear rectangle thrusters look shorter?


    I really think they definitely change something :D ,   there are several details in the nose cone too that appeared more flatten than the older pictures, with the new images it reassembles alot more now to the 1/60 Yamato YF 21 and that's a good thing in my opinion, the first time I saw the early images first thing it come to my mind was the 1/72 chunky design.


    Special thanks to @jenius  anymoon.com for this images, awesome website for Macross fans :D   

    1/60 vs 1/72



    1/72  vs anime


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