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  1. its at $202 and days still before its over My pocket book hurts.
  2. Knowing very little about econmics (other than than college class) speculating on the price doesn't seem to help my/our pockets. Design costs, avertisement, & demand are going to dictate the cost to us. Since their appears to be great interest in this and other Vfs in this series, well we'll wait and watch. i want several and hopefully it wont break my budget in acquiring these. i can't see paying more than 70 to 100 for each one. especially since the 1/48ths average 150 to 200. So will they be cheap? Probably not but will they (yamato) make YOU dig deep No. They have to do the research and test the market before they set a price. I'm saving up right now. My collection consists of 1/55s and 1/60s and i hope they continue making 1/60s. NOW WHO HAS MORE PICS AND MORE INFO
  3. That great!! mpc+taka=bandai+shield=1/48th INCREDIBLE !!
  4. Macross73

    My Chase max

    does it come with a Fast pack?
  5. A vf-1d Custom w/fastpack , pics please
  6. Hi i'm new too Welcome first yes there are alternatives to the more expensive stands check them out at Valkyrie-exchange.com under the models section. second i like the bandai old and new theres strong proud and wont snap under pressure.
  7. toynamis plastic is (fill in the blank)!! just dont touch it and you're set. i've bought them all and ...... until a 1/48 show itself or the vintage become more avialable . What can you do?. buy more glue and cross your fingers
  8. is blueaplha247 the same guy?? i thought i saw the name associated before. well theres this auction going on and i was thinking of contacting the seller about Ba247 but i didnt want to slander someone unjustly. Please provide advice on this Thanks did some searching and i found this by Fulcy march 31 2004 Fulcy gave out the ebay name : Belenyer as shill account "Uhm, guys, checkout his feedback again - it appears that not only is delenyer is arafat209's shill bidding account, but... bluealpha247 is also arafat209's shill bidding account. I count 4 auctions of arafat's that bluealpha has won. 2 of those auctions, bluealpha left arafat positive feedback within 10 minutes, and one within 13 hours. He has also bid on many of arafat's other auctions... No wonder the email I sent to bluealpha, warning him about the red leg clip on the Elintseeker wound up in arafat's hands - they are the same person!!! EDIT - dammit, I swear I can do math! EDIT - compiled more info - Apparently both of these accounts are not just shill accounts - he may use them at will to buy random stuff, or they could be a friend's account too. I say this because bluealpha has bid on 30 different auction, 10 of them being arafat's. delenyer has bid on 11 auctions - 10 of which are arafat's. Then again, bluealpha may just be enamored by arafat's auctions, and does not know that feedback should only be left after you receive the item... This post has been edited by fulcy: Mar 31 2004, 10:30 AM"
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