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  1. The cardboard box my VF-1J came in was pristine and heavy duty
  2. I got mine from Kappa today too😃.. I notice the plastic is not as good as the WWM version IMO.
  3. holy crap.. sorry to see that happen, hope your claim works out,, mine's currently in transit now from KappaH... crossing fingers😣
  4. Their actually my go to store.. pkg is consistent on this order, bubble wrapped and secure outer packaging. I got an alert from them last week item was available and got lucky to pick one up.. I wonder if it was a return.. the tape seal on the box are double/retaped (not clean) looks like may be opened before... what is "an opener?"
  5. this is my first time using pvt warehouse with hobby genki, its not very clear... each individual invoice uses a drop down menu messaging system to make requests for that item(s) specifically. I sent a msg (2/8) last week for combined ship through another item (MZXHTJTFK) as you can see in the attached, there was no response so I copy paste the same msg individaully for the remaining warehouse items IVKCJTRUW, MVEQQZENR, GDZLPWJPB.
  6. Anybody here have trouble with pvt warehouse shipment at hobby genki? I believe there asking me to cancel/refund my Devise Exia order -5%.. I don't think it's lack of inventory since their still selling onsite currently.
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