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  1. Appreciate the info.. dendenhobby finally reached out this morning with an update on the whole delay issue with HK airmail.. they said it will ship this week SF Express.
  2. Anybody having issues with dendenhobby lately? I've purchased in the past through their ebay store with no issues however a couple preorders for metal robot wing that I ordered directly from their web has not shipped. I pinged initially two weeks ago and was told it would ship last week but have not received confirmation or any response to multiple emails thereafter.. I payed via paypal but the 6mos money back period also ended last week so getting a little concerned... 😟
  3. Good luck.. my metal robot barbatos lupus rx from 2019 never arrived.. they finally gave me store credit so I ordered a vf-21 (in stock) with a little more out of pocket and they screwed me again. I was able to claim the out of pocket via paypal claim.. the store credit is a lost cause
  4. Ahhh those were the days.. we used to get $300 costco cards, then turned to $150.. this yr not even a xmas card😞hahaha
  5. don't bother making an offer even tho it has the option to... I made an offer $300, a few hrs later he changed the price from $314 -> $334 hahaha
  6. NY still have my money from a 2019 pre-order - metal robot barbatos lupus rex.. yeah there scums of the earth. Well I paid via paypal credit on the vf 31AX so am covered up to 6mos which should be good up to the release date 4/2022 but thanks for the heads up
  7. pre-order open below.. they seem to be a newer vender with mixed reviews tho https://www.yoyakunow.com/en/robots/8476-dx-chogokin-vf-25-messiah-valkyrie-worldwide-anniv.html
  8. This is my first vf-25.. I hope they give this matte treatment for all past renewal figures this mold deserves it as it's better then the delta figures, at least in fighter mode imo.
  9. it was soon available or me to but it opens up periodically.. put your email to get notified
  10. Nice! although the green isn't as quite as I remembered it...
  11. Just ordered from HLJ! and my AFC-01Z finally is in stock today with BTS...
  12. My MB Freedom in stock notification just arrived which was delayed for 3mos... your probably not far off on the April date
  13. Dang it.. even my MB Freedom2 is on hold since NOV
  14. Anybody get theres from bbts yet?
  15. This thing is rad.. kept the wings back to achieve a more dynamic look it leaves the arms and legs with more play and makes posing so easy
  16. Here's their reply... you think they'd at least bundle the price given the situation. Anyway opted for the ferry, another 3mos wait, yay.................... "Thank you for coming back to us Here the shipping method we can use for your country We already took in account what you already paid" order# 741732 Ferry 760 yen to pay UPS saver 4895 yen to pay order# 770977 Ferry 50 yen to pay UPS saver 5306 yen to pay Update... We sent you an invoice inside your account for the new shipping method It's appear like an order to pay After the payment, the order will be update to the new shipping method 770977 < we won't ask you 50 yen Kind Regards Nippon-yasan.com Customer Service
  17. I spoke earlier with live chat again this time raising hell and frustration.. towards the end of my rant and complaining he just said he will have NY contact me right away, exactly what the 3 previous live chatters told me. I then concluded indicating I had been a loyal customer since 2016 with a crap load of purchases but never again would I deal with them again.. NY just now responded to my 7/7 (3rd ticket) escalation about an hour ago. They indicated I need to resubmit another ticket, subject lined "Change shipping method" "VERY IMPORTANT : If you wish to change the shipping method, send us a ticket with the subject: Change shipping method." Best regards, Nippon-yasan.Com
  18. Anyone here have orders from NY (Eco - SAL)? I have a pre-order package released FEB this yr and a metal robot barbatos on hold due covid... I've opened three tickets up to now to see if I could possibly change shipping method but they don't respond at all and their live chat is utterly useless...
  19. I pre-ordered my Robot Spirit (Ka signature) SIDE MS FAZZ Action Figure from them back in 6/2017, when i finally got the item the knee joint was stuck(still stuck to this day) and foot joint missing... I reached out to them a number of occasions but was completely ingnored. I never used them again.
  20. I live in neighboring city to Bluefin.. it looks like my package will arrive tomorrow, whoohooo.. signature required but I'm stuck at home atm so no matter hahaha Hope everyone is enjoying theirs
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