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  1. Thanks for the compliments, but which Minmay pan cel are you refering to?
  2. Oden

    Oden Macross Cels

    Original Animation Cels From Macross
  3. Thanks Fortress_Maximus For my cels, which seem to be holding up pretty well at least under my care, I usually remove them from the bag and put them into ITOYA portfolios with an acid free backing with acid free cardboard for rigidity and MicroChamber paper to prevent deterioration (which I use sparingly due to the $$). I also position the portfolios vertically to minimize pressure on the individual cels which are in a temperature controlled environment.
  4. From the album: Oden Macross Cels

  5. Yes some of my cels have exhibited some degree of deterioration when purchased. I use Microchamber paper for preservation. http://www.conservationresources.com/Main/section_15/section15_03.htm This cel in particular has a couple of other issues as well. It probably was stored with other cels staked on top of it (excessive pressure) causing the cels (multilayer) to stick to one another and then was pulled apart partially damaging the paint.
  6. From the album: Oden Macross Cels

  7. From the album: Oden Macross Cels

  8. Yep, that was me. Here are a few more cels from this scene.
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