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  1. I recreated this scene with the actual cels. The individual cels can be seen on my RS sight as well. http://oden.rubberslug.com/gallery/inv_info.asp?ItemID=424004
  2. Thanks Mokman! If you see any other needed corrections and for that matter if you or others remember the specific scene / episode of a cel let me know. That type of info is alway welcome.
  3. What does "Book" mean in anime cel terminology? I've a seen a few anime cels over the years that have this written at the top right corner but haven't yet found an explanation of its meaning. Here is one example I have. http://oden.rubberslug.com/gallery/inv_info.asp?ItemID=420143
  4. Nice mospeada cels! Any more to share?
  5. Seems like the new norm. Here is a Misa and Minmay Henken Cel that went for some pretty good money. https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/b353362325
  6. Thanks Fortress_Maximus. I'll add a few more Macross DYRL and TV this week.
  7. Not a recent cel, I've had this cel for sometime now. I'm not familiar with Dana in wonderland cel and background, can you provide an image?
  8. Sounds like a request. http://oden.rubberslug.com/gallery/inv_info.asp?ItemID=423510
  9. The waviness appearance of the cel does not appear to be an artifact of any pore photographic skills. I would consider it significant to the value of this item. If i were to appraise this one i would estimate its value somewhere between $125-$200. I'm curious what value others would place on this one. Let the appraising begin.. IMO, two of the three auctions I would categorize as "fraudulent" due to the fact that only one can claim to be the "original DYRL" cel (i.e. the other cels must be "copies" then wouldn't you say, hint hint).
  10. Its seems Misa cels are in getting exceptional interest these days based on the auction closing prices and number of bids. I've wondered if this was due to the local Japanese demand or from international buyers (like ourselves).
  11. JetJockey, Yes I saw the Mospeada sketches on YJ, but i'm "trying" to be more selective in my collecting these days. How about you, any interest in those? https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/j516871064 What was your RS gallery name?
  12. Yes I purchased them through eBay, i believe 2011 or there about if I'm not mistaken. Definitely put a dent in my wallet that month, hahaha.
  13. jvmacross, yes the hi-metal 1/55 were beautiful. especially these. Thanks for the artist box art primer! I also love the settei's for which i've collected a few (maybe that's an understatement), but do you know anything on their backstory? From my understanding they are not one of a kind, do know other tidbits of information on settei's? http://oden.rubberslug.com/gallery/master_query.asp?SeriesID=51741
  14. "The ones that got away" I completely miss this YJ auction for The Macross IMAI Box Art by Yoshiyuki Takani back in 2011. They went from between $500 to $3000, those were the good old days. Is there a lucky soul on here who happened to grab a few of these? Has anyone seen the Bandai, Takatoko, and ARII box art up for auction anywhere?
  15. At these prices it will definitely incentives others to start unloading their collections.
  16. 109k yen! Did the Rinkya bidder add an extra 0 by mistake? Has anyone determined where this cel was used? I believe it was a book, if I recall correctly from the auction details.
  17. I remember seeing those cels up for auction somewhere before in the not so distant past. Does anyone recall?
  18. I to would agree that it does not appear to be authentic.
  19. Preservation was definitely not one of their priorities.
  20. I love these prints. Way to go!
  21. Here is a tough one. Is it real or Fake? Hikaru Cel http://page12.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/p521804610
  22. Yes. I have added a few more cels in my gallery as well.
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