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  1. Of course! no problem. I'm going to send you some better pictures by private message, since I made some small modifications in the supports of the guns so that they are "over" the figure and now it looks much better. Luck with the Legioss, it looks amazing
  2. Jesus .. i hate the new visor
  3. A lot of work awaits me! I saw some pictures of your BlueBerry Crab, really beautiful, I loved the color you chose
  4. Thanks to everyone for the support, the final photos have been updated. Now I'm going for the Baby Crab, the King Gosu and the BlueBerry Crab, they're waiting for me in the closet
  5. At first I gave it a semi gloss finish, but I liked it more as it looked with the shiny finish. I think a matte finish would be a mistake in this figure, glossy / Satin I think it's the best choice, equally it's always a matter of taste.
  6. Hi guys, some time ago I started the assembly of Moscato's pinky crab. Really a great figure, i enjoy the armed, although the paint scheme was really a nightmare to mask and paint with the airbrush. To be able to leave it articulated i add 12 points of articulation using the set of ball joint of the company hobby base. The weekend I upload photos of higher quality, the guns are drying with their last layer of varnish, so I can upload photos of the finished model in the morning. I hope you like it! regards
  7. First version is 100% better
  8. Nice pictures, I also buy the reissues of Aoshima, even when I buy the reissues of Imai 2015 that came with the mini-figures of Yellow and Ley
  9. EmilianoAlfaro

    Hi-Metal R

    If Bandai does not launch the VF-1D in HMR I swear that I will place the whole line on the street and I will crush it with my car.
  10. I see great discounts in the future for the legioss, it is not a good product, not at least for a collectible figure of 230 dollars. Since they already have the mold and they just have to change their heads, I think the Zeta type is going to go out to the market, but it will surely be a failure in sales.
  11. EmilianoAlfaro

    Hi-Metal R

    I go again with NY, two VF-1A in preorder
  12. EmilianoAlfaro

    Hi-Metal R

    Pay 13660 yens shipped for my vf-2ss at NY.
  13. EmilianoAlfaro

    Hi-Metal R

    I think bandai is never going to launch the VF-1A Cavalliers in HMR, but it would be nice to have it on this scale, dreaming does not cost anything :'(
  14. EmilianoAlfaro

    Hi-Metal R

    Hikaru VF-1A? Where did that news come from? it's official?
  15. Could someone upload a photo next to a toynami to compare size?
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