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  1. Toys will always be made. Im thinking of new animation
  2. Well ladies and gentlemen. Delta is finally done. Any thoughts or ideas on what will keep those Walkure sales going without the show? Maybe an OVA taken a few months later on Walkure doing a galactic tour or the members possibly retiring from Walkure and going solo?
  3. As an episode, I would say it was good, but as a finale you can definitely tell it was rushed and they pulled a Macross Zero on us and had them fly off into the sky :/ I feel sorry for Mirage, she never really got to prove her self as a Jenius, not much character development and she still stuck all alone.
  4. How are they going to wrap this up!? Everything is pointed towards Freya and Heinz biting the dust
  5. Excellent podcast gents! Craig had my sides in orbit with some of those Berger jokes
  6. Graham i feel exactly the same way and could not of said it any better. No one remembers a boring show but i will never forget the cheese that Macross II and 7 gave us. Shoji clearly doesn't care about Delta and guess what... neither do most of the long standing supporting fans.
  7. That was an insightful read and should clear some things up. Bad writing is still bad writing at the end of the day.
  8. Personally i cant wait for people to come out the woodwork and defend the show, writing is atrocious. The only thing keeping me watching is purely to find out who Lady M is.
  9. Craig, don't take it personally but you talk WAY to much dude. Let others have their turn. Listening to the older podcast's it feels like all the other speakers constantly have to wait for you to finish. Ep23 podcast even felt very tense at times, didn't Adrian have to step in at one point? Its not that I don't value your opinion on Delta, just ease up a little and let other people get a chance to get in on the action also. This is only my opinion, I don't speak on behalf of the entire listener base Just take it as constructive criticism and just apply the breaks from time to time. On a personal note i would love more Karice and Macross E news on the show.
  10. YES! Excellent podcast gents.Really enjoyed it. Everyone sounds like they're having fun and equally contributing. More of this please. BE STRONG MIKE!!
  11. Can some translate what Roid says post credits? This episodes feels to me like the half way mark for the show, but alas we only have 2/3 eps left
  12. If i randomly skip through the podcast its Craig talking 90% of the time. So by all means, please step in
  13. Love the podcast. More Renato please, Craig please for the love of all things give the other members a chance to talk.
  14. We should start a "How low can Delta go" thread. What happened to the "Immelman Dance"!? *Throws potatoes at the writers*
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