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  1. Anyone order from AMIAMI? How much was shipping?
  2. He bought it in july. I thought he posted he just got that price.
  3. What? $214 shipped? Wow!
  4. 31000 yen on amazon. Damn, wish I could get that sweet, sweet preorder price.
  5. $350 is a solid deal for Roy? No way.
  6. Thanks for posting. They don't list the shipping rates, what are the normal shipping rates for jungle?
  7. VF-1A Kak is 29573 yen at amazon jp. Too much?
  8. Strike parts gone. Not bad price! What is their shipping?
  9. I have a VF-31C w/ supers I want to unload. I am in the US.
  10. What brand of snow tires? Continentals? Bridgestones? Michelin PSS? Inquiring minds want to know.
  11. Amazon JP has the VF-1A Kakizaki for 28,348 shipped. What do u think?
  12. Anyone have a spare strike parts for sale?
  13. Yeah, thats the one thing about these, they are bare plastic. I wish they were painted.
  14. What was the Preorder price on the strike parts?
  15. That's a great price besides the preorder price.
  16. I ordered it. But it's my first time using mandarake. It says checking the stock? How does this work?
  17. What was the PO price for the strike parts set?
  18. AJ decided to finally ship mine.
  19. Thanks! That was a few pages down. It said shipping not available, but it went straight to the checkout page.
  20. I don't see anymore AJ sellers willing to ship to US. Any other place to get this cheaper than $270?
  21. How to buy from yahoo japan auctions? Do you have to use a 3rd party to do it?
  22. You started this thread. You taking away preorders from people who really want the item. That is scalping! Walks like a duck, talks like a duck, it's a duck!
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