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  1. Just paid for my VF-25S at HLJ too! Waiting for AmiAmi to ship out my other now
  2. I would only get the FA just to have the 3 shields, and probably not bother with the other parts and boosters. Anyway, NY has the FA parts and MG Orange Zeta up for pre-orders now. Sitting on the fence if I should grab all the exclusive Zetas
  3. Hmm if that's all there is to the LED, it sure ain't worth 10,000 yen. The FA set is apparently 7,020 yen, set for a January release But on the other hand: Double X MG!
  4. Some updates courtesy from AmiAmi blog:
  5. Event page updated: http://tamashii.jp/special/macross_sheryl/#block01
  6. Just got my payment request for VF-25S from AmiAmi stating that it's in stock. Seems a bit early?
  7. by the same company behind the 1/100 Kshatriya and upcoming Xi Gundam.
  8. No release information on both at the moment. I'll post updates on them once they're out, so check back on this thread every now and then
  9. That was a custom entry for the Thailand Gunpla World Cup 2014. Results were announced yesterday and sad to say it didn't place in the top 3, probably due to not fitting the overall "Gundam" theme.
  10. Official reveal on Tamashii website next week I guess. From a business point of view, the gold frame makes complete sense, since it'll allow Bandai to re-use the mold over and over again (like Exia )
  11. Something interesting regarding the VF-19A I came across from mazingetter on RobotJapan forums: http://robotjapan.proboards.com/post/341632/thread "According to some side materials, if I remember it right, SMS bought some VF-19E Excaliburs (apparently, the Earth government has an embargo on the exportation of the A/B/C/D/F/S types, plus the VF-22S although there are special cases like the Macross 7 fleet) which they then modified into the VF-19EF Caliburn to test technologies that would later be implemented into the VF-171 and VF-25. A few of the EF types are further modified into the commander-use EFs type, one of which is piloted by Isamu, who left the military due to his extreme dislike of desk work upon promotion. Unsurprisingly, Isamu's Caliburn is the only one without the EX-Gear as he prefers the "virtual environment cockpit". Isamu wanted a VF comparable to the YF-19 as the EF/s types had limiters placed in some mechanisms possibly due to restrictions on certain VF technology enforced by the Earth government. Dissatisfied, he later contacted Neumann, who is now head of VF development of Shinsei, for the illegal procurement of VF-19A parts. Neumann refused but presented his VF-19ADVANCE project as an alternative. This project aimed for the creation of a prototype to improve and prolong the life of the VF-19. A clause is included where the completed VF will be assigned to Isamu for the purpose of testing. Although Shinsei is focused on the VF-25, the VF-19ADVANCE project was given the green-lit as a private plan of Neumann. For that reason, Isamu has shouldered most of the development costs using his salary from SMS. The outline of the plan is for the remodeling of Isamu's VF-19EFs into a YF-19, in addition to an increase in performance. The result is the VF-19EF/A, painted in the colors of the YF-19, which was nicknamed the "Isamu Special". To the surprise of everyone involved in its development, its performance surpassed that of the VF-25." Read more: http://robotjapan.proboards.com/thread/22986/dx-chogokin-advance-macross-frontier?page=1#ixzz3HhQsIkPb
  12. Many people in Japan are feeling surprised over the MB Gold Frame as well. The general consensus prior to the unveiling was either the Strike Freedom, Qan[T] or Lancelot Albion. Anyway this was just posted in Toys Daily forums under items not shown yesterday: ・メタル・ストフリ(完全新規造詣) Looks like a Metal Damashii Freedom with a completely new mold. And if that's the Metal Hi-Nu behind, then it looks like both the Freedom and Justice are getting the Metal Damashii treatment?
  13. News trifling out of Twitter seems to confirm that the new MB is indeed the Gold Frame Amatsu
  14. No news on its release at the moment. Most likely a web exclusive sometime later. High chance of a MB Destiny re-issue as well I guess
  15. Just in from CyberGundam: 10/31解禁公開: METAL BUILD 1/100 Gundam Astray Gold Frame Amatsu Interesting choice if true, another mold for Bandai to milk? Blue / Red frames + the various configurations
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