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  1. Sorry, kind of a double post..(I have already asked on the NY thread, but as it's related to Mospeada/Sentinel. I thought I'd ask here too). Has anyone who preordered their Legioss Zeta from Nippon Yasan received anything yet? Since they've requested the payment, the Zeta has never shown as "in stock". They aren't replying to tickets and I wondered if anyone had received theirs from NY?
  2. Kinzoku VF

    Hi-Metal R

    Also, if you mix & match the 2 HMR VF-4G, you can have the 'proper' Flashback version.... I was starting to regret having paid upfront for it but NY are now sold out...(not that it means much with them), but they didn't add some more stocks at an inflated price as they usually do. Maybe closer to the release date...or tomorrow for ¥12k
  3. Kinzoku VF

    Hi-Metal R

    Reading some of the comments regarding the paint scheme for the upcoming VF-4....Macross lore aside, it looks fine to me, you can still customise the first one to get the 'proper' screen appearance scheme. Heck as far as HMR are concerned they would've released it in apple green, I would've preordered one anyway. Don't want the line to die and will support it as much as possible. Not many toys are fun to play with nowadays. Ex: got that Heavy Metal Action Tetsujin 28... sure it's a beauty, a 2kg + of die-cast insanity. Hands down the best toy I bought this year, but is it fun to 'play' with?. Same with Bandai's Macross Frontiers,Deltas, look good but don't bother transforming them more than 2/3 times, you'll end up with scratches & stress marks everywhere ....Good thing I hardly transform any of my 1/60 VF's. Sure HMR aren't perfect but for the price, you really can't go wrong. (If you followed the line since day one of course, now that they're all in scalper's hands it'll be more expensive for some to get the entire line new factory sealed) So even though Bandai are milking their molds, it's definitely not as bad as Arcadia's f'ckd up prices slammed onto every re-releases with tampo prints all over them. They just do that to stay afloat and pay their staff, otherwise, not sure they'd still be around considering their current price tags and limited 'new' pieces. As far as the Destroids...Where? When? How? Want! That and all the stuff they announced at that 1st HMR display booth years ago. Bring it on, the SDF-1 bridge and VF launchers too while you're at it. I'd pay 2 years in adavance upfront if they want ... Anyway, just my 2 cents, don't bite my head off, and a lime green 4G would most definitely kick ass right?...right...
  4. I' miss still not sure what to do regarding those Bandai 1/48s. Picked up the 1-J when it came out and love it, but like many I own a lot of the 1/48 Yamato oldies and in Fighter mode,on display in the midst of many of other stuff, they look fine...Also, it would spare some extra $$$ to get non-Macross related stuff that I also collect. On the other hand those Bandai's are a joy to pose.....A bit big to play with on your desk, but cool nonetheless....here's an old pic with some Yammies and the lastest Bandai I took a while back (might've posted it already...if so my bad)...At a glance, you could barely tell them apart.
  5. Kinzoku VF

    Hi-Metal R

    Picked one up at NY. Didn't even know this was up on po. Truly want them to continue with the line, so will support anything HMR Macross related (and for completion's sake of course....) Personally I think it looks good, makes a change from the usual VF-4G schemes. I only have the 1 Yamato Ver and the HMR release, might as well get another one....
  6. Kinzoku VF

    Hi-Metal R

    Would be such a shame.....Like many here, I love the playability of the HMR....Excellent fiddling about figures....'Piuuu Piuuu, Whoooshh"....
  7. As far as the Yammies are concerned they're pretty much exactly the same as any other 1/60. The VF-0D on the other hand does seem slightly smaller to me.
  8. Kinzoku VF

    Hi-Metal R

    That 2019 Tamashii Nations poster doesn't show any HMR though? The one on the poster is a 1/48. Are there truly more HMR releases planned? Feels like Bandai are now just starting all over with their 1/48 line,personally aside from the usual suspect Elint/Ostrich in 1/48....(.a 1/48 VF-4 would be amazing too...) it'll be a miss. Got the 1st one as I had preordered it, it's great and all, but not sure I need more VF-1s in my overcrowded Macross cabinets. Rambling...regarding the HMR, any official announcements regarding the line continuity? They teased us with so many unreleased pieces, shame really, great line to fiddle around with on you desk.
  9. Congrats to all. It will be a miss from my part though.Too many non-Macross stuff on my to-get lists , and Arcadia's prices are getting ridiculous (essentially for revised re-releases). Anyways, was tempted, but on display my 3 Yammies still look the part and holding on perfectly fine as I never or hardly ever transform my Valks (HMR being the exception...).
  10. Same about the orange....I really wanted it like the Frontier Prophecy VF-25 . At least they look different enough though. Rather than having yet another 2 Fighters in my collection with the exact same color scheme. Other than that, it's what I expected. The way the dish folds is perfectly fine too imo, not important if it's not completely flat (not even sure if it was flat in the original artwork/CG.) I think after so many VF-31 my enthusiasm as far as the the 31's are concerned is fading. Aside from the lovely Kairos, (still love that one...most definitely worth the 5 months wait or however long it took them to finally send the thing) . One thing though, even though I now own the entire squadron, I've yet to transform a single one in Battroid/Gerwalk....(aside from parts of the arms and legs in order to straighten and close up gaps from the factory assembly ). The only Delta that I transformed (once) was the SV-262. Utter pain in the backside, but truly loved the Battroid and Gerwalk mode on that one. Shame we'll most likely never get to see others (at the same time, not sure I would've wanted an entire squadron) Is it worth risking scratches, stress marks etc just to satisfy my curiosity for 10 minutes before putting back into Fighter mode. Are they truly that 'fun' to pose/fiddle about with? Lastly, I wanted to take a snapshot of all Elint VFs together, but the way some of them are crammed into my displays, I couldn't be bothered, so instead I took a crappy pic next to the other 'orange' one...
  11. As long as NY doesn't pull another Kairos, it'll be fine....And to be fair, even after a 5 months wait (or was it 6 I forgot), most of us eventually received our Kairos. So for a standard release like this, there shouldn't be any issues (although, once again, they did leave the preorder window opened since it was announced.....)
  12. They truly are taking the p**s with the gap behind the cockpit. It seems bigger than all other VF-31. Not too sure what to think about this, will have to see when I have it in my hands. At the beginning of the Delta lineup, I only planned to get the 31-J and this one. Typically, the 31-E ended up being the last one. And whilst waiting for it, I ended up with the entire line (and can't stand the actual Delta series). Hopefully Bandai will stop milking the Vf-31 and continue with what they started with Macross Plus....and more HMR.(like everyone is saying, it's looking bleak on that front ...). Personally I'd rather see less VF-1s and more Fighter variety rather than yet another entire squadron of 1/48 (especially as I still have all my 1/48 Yammies....sure an Elint and Ostrich would be cool but that's it)
  13. I personally have about 15 1/48 VFs left including a few armors, special parts sets etc....First thing I did when the 1/48 Bandai arrived at my door was to take pics of it in Fighter mode next to a few Yammies (the one I've attached)....I mean, sure, the panel lining on the Yammies is a bit deep/thick, but, on display , with loads of other VFs, they look very similar and just fine (obviously...same scale, same plane...). Took me a while to decide, but will be skipping on the next upcoming Bandai releases (unless they give us some truly interesting pieces). Selling off all the Yammies would be a pain in the backside. And value-wise (especially now that Bandai got into the game), it's not exactly worth the hassle of selling them off and having to add a lot of extra $$ to get hold of Bandai's versions (that sell out in 2 seconds on preorder, and triple in price in a week...). Man do I miss the old Yamato days....You could really get so much more for your $$.
  14. Kinzoku VF

    Hi-Metal R

    Lol. I've done exactly that...not to replace the glass shelving though but to add additional shelves to some of my Detolfs . Essentially splitting one Detolfs shelf into 2....Granted on the plexiglass shelves I only display light-ish Popy and co spaceships and smaller bots. so no issues here....But I truly need to lighten the weigh....I've seen pics of crashed Detolfs....Gives you shivers down your spine..... I've even built my own Detolf as I needed one with one less 'square/shelf'. It has glass shelves but no glass partitions on the sides nor back....It's a 'Ghettolf'. Rotating what's on display at any given time would be ideal....But with half of the boxes in storage, the others in the attic, some in a garage. I mostly only have easy access to the boxes from the most recent purchases . Did I mention my extensive collection of Japanese retro consoles and games....From the 80's until today....A lot of my VF's (those in Fighter mode from Macross, Macross Plus,7, Zero to Macross Frontier are actually displayed on top of those Ikea's old wooden CD shelves that I've turned horizontally in order to be able to use them as additional display space. That and I live in a flat.....Anyway.....I think the answer would be to stop hoarding stuff and getting rid of some pieces now and again. Don't you jinx my Detolfs ...The sound of breaking glass in that scene...Gonna have cold sweats for a month every time I'll hear some creaking coming from my shelves. Anyway, sorry I rambled so much....That's why I mostly tend to lurk. But thanks for the advice (and not telling me off for putting some 'non HMR related' blablas in the thread...It all started when I looked at my Hi Metal housing crisis...just got slightly sidetracked)
  15. Kinzoku VF

    Hi-Metal R

    Thanks for the advice. Actually, my Macross Detolfs are the least overcrowded of all my cabinets. It's my other Detolfs that are making worrying metallic creaking sounds most days (touch wood as they've been loaded like that forever...) Here's an example of a few of my non-Macross Gokins. Some weigh a lot. Wish I could find a more room to display my collections, but that's not going to happen anytime soon. Been thinking of selling some stuff as I just can't stand toys that just sit in boxes. Utterly pointless imo unless you only collect to invest (and scalpers). Problem is some pieces, especially vintage stuff I've had for decades and there's no way I could ever afford today's insane prices if I ever wanted to get them back. Like....never....
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