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  1. Thanks! I understand it now.
  2. re: Boring stuff that is my first time seeing that, what does it exactly do or what is the purpose in doing that?
  3. there is a VF-27 at mandarake for 13k yen edit: vf-27 v2 gone now, but for vf 25 F alto v1 owner, there is a cheap super parts for 800 yen (just ask for pics for condition)
  4. from the looks of it, they both look gray to me http://www.mech9.com/blog/2010/01/mr-color-solvent-based-paint-color-chart/ MR Color C61 is labelled Burnt Iron or tempered iron MR Hobby H61 is IJN Gray
  5. afaik, gunze is the company and MR is their brand for hobby use.
  6. if only i can get it here for $50 as well. only found it here once locally and priced at $120
  7. it looks fantastic and that beer can is so awesome. @exo would adding a back support (similar to some konig locks it self in place) a good idea to counter the wide headress or would my suggestion would be a departure on the original suit it is based on.
  8. Some WIP It ended up too dark, I should have used a white surfacer instead of the normal one. I still like the end results though
  9. kinda rushed snapbuilding this VF25. Since this is my first scale model outside of gunpla, I decided to learn how Hase kits are assembled. Hopefully, I can finish this in this coming holiday
  10. anyone here saw on the net some build-up thread? my seller notified me that the item is ready for pick up by Friday. I plan to start it next week (slowly due to year end work). this is my first time building other than gundam, so I am kind of nervous for it
  11. just checked the runners in some site (the same site i got that Minmay pic), there are no additional freebies in Roy Focker kit
  12. Looking forward to some build up as well, this will be my first scale model outside of Gunpla
  13. it should be released by next week in Japan. Hopefully, i will receive mine before the year ends
  14. it is actually painted to immitate the cel-shaded look.
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