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  1. Do you still have the pitot tube for the VF-0S [the little flexible antenna under the nosecone]. I've lost mine and have been lookign for one fore years. PM sent
  2. Sent you a PM. You can put Ozma back on the market. Thanks for holding him!
  3. Sorry to jump in on this thread but I'm actually after the pitot tube [the small flexible antenna under the nosecone] from the Focker VF-0S. I was wondering if you'd be interested in selling it. Thanks Dave
  4. Hi Rob, Just a question, Whats the going rate in Japan [or should I say the best price you've seen] for the Yamato 1/60 VF-11b and the Bandai VF-25G with super parts? Thanks mate, Dave
  5. Shin, I have the same Zeta legioss. I found that the index finger can be bent upwards a little bit so it goes right into the trigger. If you curl the rest of the fingers around the grip then the gun stays pretty well. Its not perfect but I don't have many roblems with the gun dropping off
  6. Thanks for the info dude! I'll give hlj a try I don't have my VF-0S with me {Its at my dad's house} and as such I hav'nt got the instruction manual which has the numbering and codes for all the parts. Would anyone be able to help me out and let me know the part number for the pitot tube on the VF-0S
  7. I lost the pitot tube for my VF-0S. I'm not looking for a spare. I just need a replacement part. Would overdrive help me with this? Dave
  8. Just completed playing around with my 1/60 VF-1J. Its nice. I like the proportions. My biggest gripe was the shoulder ball joints though. The ball joints were incredibly tight making it nerve wracking to pose the arms. Funnily enough the folding plastic hinge to which the shoulder is attached [the one that needs to be rotated] is a bit loose and doesn't lock in place very well even when you rotate it past the lip on the backplate and into its groove. The hip swing bar clip is a pain to lock and unlock as well and I was having difficulty getting the nosecone and cockpit section to lock into place when transforming from battroid to fighter until I realised that the whole section needs to be slid out a few mm. Overall its probably aesthetically the best representation of a VF-1 toy I've ever owned but the shoulder and hip joints just give me the heeby jeebies and I still feel my 1/48 is a more solid and safe transformation. The super pack attachment on the 1/60 is awesome though. The boosters sit really securely with the new clip attachment and the super battroid doesn't feel too back heavy at all.
  9. Hi guys, I'm after a pitot tube (the little antenna like thing under the nosecone) for my VF-0. PM me if anyone is willing a sell me one. Thanks
  10. Thanks mate. I'll PM you around that time. BTW - is there any particular shop you recommend and do you know any ballpark figures for the YF-19 in sing $s? Cheers
  11. I'm going to be in Singapore in early Jan and I was thinking of picking up either a Yammie 1/60 YF-19 or a SV-51. The "Where to buy in Asia" thread doesn't mention anything about Singapore. If any of the Singapore members can help me out with some info that would be awesome. Also, If anyone has an idea about singapore prices for the above-mentioned models that'd be great. Thanks in Advance....
  12. Shin, I've thought about getting this toy so i thought I'd get some info on it. What exactly do you mean by the problem with the spring loaded feet? Do they unintentionally deploy in jet-mode or do they refuse to stay extended in robot-mode? Also, what and where is the automorph? A friend of mine said this toy doesn't have an automorph. Anyway, tnx in advance for info you can provide Are you sure about the Archeville figure? I'm still not convinced since it doesn't appear anywhere on the box.
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