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  1. a few reasons for my waning interest: 1.As another poster has said, the market is quite flooded and most macross toys are not that hard to find/special anymore 2.I mainly got into toys because I was too lazy to take up modeling again. But now I'm back into it and i find it alot fulfilling than collecting toys.
  2. low vis: you truly amaze me how much you write...are you a literature major or something? i've stopped reading a first couple cuz i think your arguments are flawed, but i do give you credit for at least trying to back up your stuff with some research. i think you can put together a masters thesis with the stuff you wrote in this thread...jeez....
  3. exactly...no amount of clearcoat/sealants is gonna prevent that thing from looking like an accident after a couple of transformations. i'd really prefer to have 3 different models too. those transformable models in magazines are more of a showcase for modeling prowess and exercise in technical challenge. it would be very interesting to build one, but in the end i can still only display in one mode at a time. so, if someone can just build a perfect proportioned vf-19 battroid i'd be happy. there's no need for transformation for me. i can leave that to the 'toy' people.
  4. awesome!! nice, smooth paint job. i knew you can do it...this baby is gonna make the ones you made before look like toys!!
  5. seriously man, you gotta stop reading/watching so much fiction. you back up you're world views with examples from movies and sci fi. thats not good. lol...maybe for him, life imitates art rather than the other way around
  6. wow..a 2 day turnaround is very fast indeed anyway keep up!! those are very good as your first non-snap kits a la gundam, especially the washes. i don't have much time for modeling just like you...but at this point I'm more into quality than quantity...must be getting old do keep us posted on the SV-51.
  7. He doesn't paint his models... The black "paint " in the nose: is just decals? It's a really nice work considering that!!! These hase models are incredible. it looks like the nosecone is painted cuz the color differs somewhat from the black that looks like decals. YF-19 pilot: just some friendly advice if you want to be serious about modeling.... those are pretty nice looking kits....however if you want to improve your modeling skills then you should go through the filling and all the painting. your production rate will decrease dramatically but i think the results will be much better. i never puttied my kits either before, until i came to this board and was utterly blown away by the works here, eg mwcheung (sp?). once i started puttying, priming, etc , i immediately noticed the unsightly seam lines on my old models. So, I'm looking forward to your SV-51, since you'll obviously be doing a paint job on that!!!
  8. I think in SDF the VF's basically have to use vector thrust to get around since the wing/tail flaps wont work in space. When they have the fast packs on, they probably use the auxillary nozzles to adjust position as shown in DYRL. So far in Macross, I think the best dog fight scenes all take place in the atmosphere (although the space fight in the beginning of macross + was awesome as well).
  9. I agree with ya...there is no purpose of the monster having feet. given how much it can lift the foot off the ground, it probably can't clear many obstacles. also I bet any robot with feet will travel slower than ones with wheels. in anime it's all about cool factor- so if everyone on MW seem to have never complained about the feet, i don't see how the claws should bother anyone.
  10. i think many anime are moving towards 'abstraction', for various reasons. quite a few of the series i've watched recently, eg eva, rahxephon, nadesico movie, yukikaze, dont explain everything, and only makes sense if you extra explanatory material on the internet and rewatch it a few times. it's somewhat annoying in a way, especially the authors tries to be confusing/cryptic for pure sake of being confusing/cryptic, but yet it offers a good break from typical hollywood type productions where they spell out everything for you.
  11. maybe the monster can use the claws to prevent recoil in settings outside the the deck of a military carrier where cables may not be as practical? anybody thought of that? btw it's just entertainment. most of the coolest things in anime are the least practical and makes the least sense in real life. but that's why we watch them- to see how far and wild imagination can go. if i want some real plausible sci-fi i'd watch TLC or even read michael crichton, not anime.
  12. just watched it for the 3rd time...i liked it the first time and it's still growing on me. i guess i just have a really open mind and the mix of sci-fi and spirits dont really bother me (although it did in final fantasy the movie). maybe some of the purists just need to sit back, relax, and enjoy the show rather than letting the spiritual components bother them so much.
  13. i believe it's because they're travelling at a speed too fast for transformation (you'd know if you're able to read the chinese subtitle) so they have to use vector thrust instead. later in the scene when you see the circular gauge go green indicating speed is ok, shin transformed into battroid. i think it was pretty cool- reminded me how edgard was always reminding shin to keep an eye on the gauge before transformation.
  14. as another has said, the AFOS is itself a bio-mechanical kinda robot like eva or rhaxephon where sarah is the pilot. apparently it has the power to create life or destroy life depending how it's used. when sarah was first sucked into the thing a voice sounding like her father asked her if humans are living peacefully, and she said no, and then the song of destruction begins. it starts shooting rays that destroys everything, tahts when the military decided to blow it to hell using the monster. the monster destroyed parts of it but afos didnt die and rather disappeared into space. also it seems like whoever comes close to AFOS will experience extreme anger and frustratoin and become super violent. now that i think about it....this episode sort of feels like macross vs eva or rahxephon. you have a big biomech robot with the ability to "tune" the world just like in those two series, and music is very important too in rahxephon. at least we won't have any macross vs rahxephone threads because we all know that the latter will win..haha...
  15. just watched it. i liked this episode alot actually....the flying ships didnt really bother me that much (sort of reminds me of laputa though), and to me it might be the sort of anti-gravity thing that Macross eventually uses to fly, so it's not too far of a stretch. the dog fights are also pretty intense- and the way nora and shin chases each other is kinda reminiscent of macross plus. the only little downer was the ending i guess- it's really unclear what happened to sara or shin- they just disappeared into space. i think an extra episode would really help to explain things better. but in this final episode there is never a dull/slow moment. there is not really much of a story but still, the emotional impact and action is there, at least for me. for some strange reason i really get to care about whether the characters died or not and it really held me in suspence because except for roy, everybody is up for fair game to get blown to pieces. the music is also better than previous episodes- although the style of music is more akin to rahxephon/eva than macross, which is usually more pop than classical. it fits though, since in this macross there is no pop idol as the central character. too bad dd and nora had to be killed by the birdman rather than roy and shin- but it doesnt matter cuz i think their deaths were execuated pretty well. the drone on the plane seems to act just like an extra booster- although there also seem to be some sort of machine gun thingy that shin was going to use at the end but didnt get the chance.
  16. yes the original link was chinese subtitled..yay!! the video quality looks very good...will watch it later tonite...crossing my fingers that it'll not disappoint!! (or if it does...maybe it'll save me the $$ of getting it on dvd)
  17. can someone please post the link for the Chinese Subtitled one?? thanks!!
  18. JLYC


    wow you sure have a lucky 8 year old.....those are pretty damn sophisticated/expensive toys for avg kids that age (unless he was like me...i was very careful with my toys at that age)
  19. thx for your comments. i agree that if i'm the original sculptor i'd be pissed off seeing ppl recasting my stuff. however many fans still rely on recasts to get the model they want, especially those outside japan. it's a really grey area of this hobby.
  20. hello I've been looking into resin models lately (both macross and non-macross), and I have sort of a semi-interest in getting into the recast business. i still have some qualms about it because it's sort of like pirating...but anyways a few general questions: 1. Since a model can be recast an indefinite number of times (from orginal or another recast) providing that you need to remake the molds every so often, why are many models 'sold out' and never made again?? 2. are there any north american recasters around? so far the online retailers I've seen are asian based...and I think hobbyfan doesn't do their own recast do they?? why are there not more american recasters/retailers? 3. Anybody have any idea on avg how much a professional model sculpter makes? either in japan or in NA my motive is not to make tons of $$ (no intention of quitting my schooling or future job)...but just another way to sustain the hobby and make some rarer kits available to the masses, especially given how rare Macross resin models are and their high price compared with their plastic counterparts. thanks for reading
  21. lol..."instant model"?? at least it works for the fighter kits....the battroid kit is unlookable without major putty and painting.
  22. hello....i'm just wondering you didnt paint this one either right??
  23. great job!! It looks very much like the yamato YF-19. This convinces me that it'll be very, very difficult to produce a variable, anime correct YF-19 in battroid mode from fighter mode. The battroid has too many round edges in line art compared with the fighter. Too much anime magic is invested in the YF-19, imho. I guess the ppl in the toy section can just keep on dreaming about the 'perfect' YF-19FP
  24. yes my bad...i did not realize it's in fact one kit.
  25. I might be wrong but is that a CF SV-51 i'm seeing here?? http://www.hobbyfanatics.com/gallery/view_...c4a4aa44c65580c If so...then I've gotta give it to Hasegawa for releasing 3 different kits with different decals...wait they'll probably do a combined kit a couple months later that includes all 3 decals and allow you to build whichever u choose (like the battroid kits) so some of the completists can fork out some more cash. Hasegawa is sure great at milking a product dry...I mean Bandai do the same with their Gundams but the different releases usually have more variation than the decals.
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