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  1. Brand new sealed in box. $250 shipped in conus.
  2. Both have been opened to check for parts but not played with. Selling as a set. $700usd paypal'ed and shipped in CONUS
  3. transformed once and placed back in box. Accessories not opened. Asking $225 shipped in conus.
  4. Sdf-1 in good condition with original packaging. only flaw is missing tiny canon on the left chest. asking $250 USD obro shipped and paypal'ed in canada/conus. Yukikaze is in near mint condition. opened to check contents. $200 shipped
  5. Rare kit. Brand new sealed in box. $80 obo including shipping in conus. Pics available pls pm. Thanks.
  6. pics in link https://www.dropbox.com/s/xd163mhegrqelm3/20190428_000815.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/u8fws0k0u0s64fy/20190428_000906.jpg?dl=0
  7. Each $395 paypal'ed and shipped from Canada to CONUS. VF-4G opened and displayed for couple days, never transformed VF-1J sealed never opened. Can give discount if buy both. thanks.
  8. I am in japan right now and I can tell you that all the stocks at kiddyland in shibuya was snatched by mainland chinese uncles and aunties within half hour on launch day. There were probably 20 boxes at the store. These people aint collectors they are flippers. Its a free maeket but I can understand how local fans could be upset.
  9. Displayed only. never transformed, decals in packaging. $300 obo shipped paypal 3% or friend. thanks!
  10. Can I please get an approx value of displayed-only Bandai VF-19 Advance and Arcadia VF-4? thanks
  11. Just got my VF19 Advance couple hours ago. I only have the Yamato YF19 as comparison and it's night and day- Bandai has it down. The weight is solid, the whole thing is very sturdy, and the panel lines and markings are very detailed, like Hasegawa level detailed Even the instructions are in full color..whole package speaks quality and value, esp if you take into account the cost difference of 100,00 yen. I think you'll only need an Arcadia YF19 if you're a Macross Plus purist. I am still get an Arcadia later to see how they all compare but the Yamato and Bandai got my YF/VF-19 fix just right for now.
  12. i believe so...and it's not just the vf19...there were some other collectibles that were long sold out that all of a sudden appeared on hlj as in stock again
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