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    nice!! i really like how the panel lines turned out. How did you paint the base white? Also the line running parallel to the nosecone, is it supposed to be there or is it a big seam? If it's the latter I'd fill it because it's quite obvious.
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    can you tell us how you did the panel lines? looks more like it's drawn than washed...thanks!!
  3. Can I please take a look at those FSS in question?? I've just recently got into FSS kits and would love to see any pics sorry if it's kinda OT
  4. hasegawa macross kits are certainly more difficult to build than gundam. The fit and construction are just not as good. It's hard doing the panel lines with a pen even if you want to because they're just too fine for even 0.05 pen tips to fit. I'd suggest doing oil on your gundams first. The hasegawas are definitely the most beautiful macross kits out there though, resins/vinyls non-withstanding.
  5. that's true. but then many people just don't have the skill or don't want to do it because then it's not 'original'. I mean to me, I don't see why ppl would be in such a fuss over the low viz because I can take any other valk and paint it in that scheme, probably with even better results. It's the same with people wanting a 1/48 VF-1s Roy so badly when they can just buy a 1/48 VF-1s Hikaru and paint the appropriate areas yellow.
  6. i love macross...but there's not much point in rationalizing how their nuclear engines work, even in SF theory. I mean, even in space, the valks used runway to take off (which was thankfully fixed in DYRL) which was kind of annoying. In general though, macross is pretty good in terms of realism for a 80's cartoon. What is REALLY annoying is that even to this day, we still see huge explosions with fireballs in space (fire burns in vacuum??). But then again, 99% of movie and TV get something as simple as a gunshot sound wrong, so what am I complaining
  7. If you're a fan of macross music then get "Macross the Complete" CD collection. It's 3 disks and contains every macross melody from the tv series and movie. it even has instrumental tracks of songs and melodies that were recorded but not used at the end. Now I don't have to watch the DVD everytime I want to listen to a song.
  8. Godzilla, with the massive number of expensive valks you buy, I gotta ask, whatcha do for a livng Um hello... I thought you knew... = Um no. But I use to work for his company as a contractor. I am *trying* to cut my expensive habit... it aint happening this month thanks to those fools Amped and rnurmin selling their stuff. I am a test engineer at this engineering software firm, making decent money but not enough to buy a house here in Seattle. Now I know California housing is really bad but Seattle is getting close to it. wow...i'm just wondering though how you store all the valks you have. you must be renting a pretty big apartment!!
  9. thx for the info!! Where can one pick up the pilot figure in your picture? Any idea about size/material, etc?? It looks like a trading figure but I guess it's a kit?? Thanks!!
  10. not exactly toys but the truth is i play with my 'models' more than yamato toys so i think of them as toys that require assembly. It's the Hasegawa 1/72 Battroid fighting for his life against Bandai 1/100 Officer Pod Glaug. It's too bad I couldn't find the Pod kit in scale. It's not finished (and not my best work either since I put it together in 2 days) but I just can't wait to take some pics of the two of them together. I think it'd be cool if the showdown really happend in Macross- wacha think??
  11. actually...if you count macross plus then i think guld died pretty bad, especially in the movie version.
  12. agreed it's focker. but you don't see that many deaths in macross in general. so far the anime characters that died the most miserably are the ones from evangelion imo.
  13. thx for the scan. Here are some pics in gerwalk mode. the chipping paint is driving me insane!! There are many areas I have to touch up everytime after a transformation. Any other solutions other than sanding friction areas and clearcoating??
  14. thx graham. it'd be cool if you can post a scan if you hv time.
  15. thx for the feedback guys..keep'em coming! A quick shot before chow time...worked a bit more on the backpack and legs. i hope this solves a bit of the 'continuity' between front and rear, but on the other hand I really want to keep the color scheme simple on this one with a military feel. sometimes i get too carried away with the colors and end up with something too busy, which i'm gonna try to avoid this time. ps yes i'm going to paint the head
  16. hello...the front of the legs nor the arms have been painted. I'll post it when it's ready. I'm planning to display it mainly in fighter and gerwalk mods so how these two look would be the most important for me
  17. Here's my very first custom color scheme for a 1/60. I just sort of made up the colors and patterns as I go so some feedback would be appreciated. The colors are only about 20% done right now. The only other improvement I made was to fill and sand the seam lines. This improves the appearance of the legs in battroid mode alot imo. For those of you who mod your toys- how do you prevent the paint from chipping when you transform? Somehow I don't think a clear coat would be that much help against all the friction between metal and plastic.... thx for looking Before: After:
  18. Lol...I agree with you on this one. Most valks from the original Macross only differ in color and head. Valks are like Ferraris....they're a beautiful thing to behold, but I don't think I'd have 20 same Ferraris with just different color schemes. That's why I"m steering my macross model collection beyond valks to include destroids and some of the bad guys like the glaug pod.
  19. the best thing to do imo would be to get VF-19A and change the color yourself. The VF-19A has improved design as described in the review. However VF-19 is in much higher demand I reckon because it's the original color.
  20. It just means you have to become a bit more critical about the models, and a bit more picky about which you buy. It certainly can't hurt the wallet, at least. And it makes the models you currently have stand out more. Maybe it's just me, but I take more interest in a well-done set of three models than I do in a well-done set of twelve. Maybe it's the overkill factor. I agree....mainly because I have limited budget and time so I have to very selective about my purchases. the 'completists' here though will probably think differently.
  21. nice models graham. is it expensive to hire someone to make your models? I really dig the SV-51. I wish it's possible to build it as the black Ivanov type though- it looks much more menanacing. Ivanov and Nora types differ only in color in decals right?
  22. a few quick pics for comparison with 1/60:
  23. If you want something more sturdy, but which still looks great, I'd recommend buying a toy like the Yamato 1/48 VF-1 instead. Hasegawas are supposed to be traditional (fragile) model kits, not the half-toy half-models that the Bandai Gundam kits are. Although I'm not a model builder, I recently comissioned a pro-painter to build me 3 Hasegawa kits (VF-22S, VF-0S and SV-51 Nora), all built wheels up as if flight and I'm absolutely blown alway by them. I can't believe how big the SV-51 is, it's a monster. Graham Graham I agree with you that the 1/48's, especially when customized, almost approach model quality. However, models are always more finely detailed (eg panel lines) and for one 1/48 I can get about 6 or 7 Hasegawa's and have hundreds of hours of fun time. With toys, I usually take them out of the box, admire them, put them on the shelf and transform them once in a while. With models I get much more interaction in the building process and when I look at them, I remember all the fun and challenge I went through to get them where they are. I got 3 yamatos and 1 hasegawa last month and by far the hasegawa gave me the most fun. I believe there is no reason why they can't make the joints more sturdy like the bandai kits. I reckon this is hasegawa's first robot kit so flaws are expected (e.g. weak joints, non-aligning pins and holes). They're learning though, as seen in the improved hip joints of the strike battroids, so I have hope. In fact, I think that they DO want to make them playable so they're making it a mostly snap-together kit to make it easier for people who are otherwise averse to models. When the bugs are fixed, we'll have the best of both worlds!!
  24. models are keeping me company for my long distance relationship with my gf too. I see you live in Calgary...I used to live there until I moved to vancouver about 5 yrs ago (currently in Montreal now). always good to see fellow macross fans in canada and I'm very impressed with Hasegawa kits as well, although I've only done the battroid. I do wish that they'd be more sturdy though (so it'd be more playable like gundams). I'm sure it's not a problem with fighters though as they're not meant to be movable anyway.
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