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  1. wow, !!! that was really shitty!!!! please Jaime Foxx say it isn't so!!!! you did such a great job playing RAY!!! what were you thinking!!!!
  2. nothing special my ass!!!! don't sell yourself short!!! that looks great keep up the good work!!!
  3. huh? was that some code, where is my enigma machine? can we stick to english please
  4. hey skullleader, can you fill us in on what MGS, SS is all about? for those of us who have not played it.... thanks alan.
  5. wow, that is a great looking kit you got there! did it come with the decals already applied? congrats !!! keep the macross family growing alan.
  6. great job grayson!!! i love to see more people are building, keep it up! alan.
  7. Amen Skull Leader!!!!!, i mean what is the deal with that guy???? duh!!! what are you dense???? the big boss is reviled in the first 30 minutes of the game!!! man get a clue!!!
  8. thanks, V4lkyri3 i'll try it and let you know if it works alan.
  9. hey all ok, well without spioling anything this game has one of the best "almost at the end of the game action ever"! you guys are gonna walk away from this game, by just getting close to the end of the game, knowing that it was well worth the 49.99 paid!!!!! all i can say is that is is completely and utterly electrifying action...and i mean not just one but layer upon layer of action!!!! it is almost orgasmic!!!! man what a rush!!! anyway i am now fighting the final bad guy" the boss" and this bitch keeps kicking my ass, for those of you at this piont, any suggestions?
  10. thanks gerwalker, i'll try it on my next kit , already working on a few customs
  11. honestly, i think the buyer was optomistically naive about what he was buying, everyone who is anyone in the macross collecting business knows that the 1/48 1S has never gone for that little amount of money. also who would ever pay 100 plus dollars for a fast pack set? however, the seller does use tricky language!!!! he really insinuates alot and if one was a newbie , i can certainly see how one would get confused. alan.
  12. no, i'm sure more people notice, but you are the only one to bring it up of course. anyway i saw it as well when i took the pics and i already corrected it... thanks
  13. thanks alot guys , i love these kits , i'm gonna do the YF-19 next as well as a ravens version, as far as the VF-1's well, i have all the yamato 1/60's which are the same size as the hasegawa's so they look great next to them. i'm affriad the VF-1's are to micronized for me to wanna work on them. thanks as always i will post more pics
  14. here you go Zero-Mare, i must have been a social worker in my past life, because i love putting families together!!!! families getting bigger
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