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  1. Looks like the modern Su-35 as I thought the Su-37 and old 35 had the canards.
  2. I good article on the still "retired" F-117. https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/35748/f-117-nighthawks-now-appear-to-be-flying-as-adversaries-in-red-flag-aerial-war-games
  3. Good interview with a prior Tomcat pilot.
  4. Loved that low-pass footage of the Tomcat.
  5. Pretty sure it was. https://nationalinterest.org/blog/buzz/check-out-powerful-engine-upgrade-navys-fa-18-super-hornets-and-ea-18g-growlers-are
  6. I remember them back in their earliest incarnation of ZDtv and watching Gamespot TV.
  7. Here is the article on the conversion to the Super Hornet. I'm still hoping to catch one more show with the Blues in the Legacy Hornet but who knows with COVID now. I'm curious if the Blues new Super Bugs also will have the updated engines that the rest of the fleet are getting at the moment. https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/35127/the-blue-angels-have-officially-received-their-first-f-a-18e-super-hornet
  8. That's one weird amalgamation of F-22, F-35 and the YF-23.
  9. You can buy Flaming Cliffs 3 which gives you multiple aircraft like what was listed already or buy those jets individually. They're not high-fidelity modules like the Tomcat, Hornet and Falcon. There are single player campaigns. Other carrier-based modules I know that are in the works are the F-14A, A-7E, F-8J and (for now) an AI version of the A-6E & KA-6D. You'll pretty much be able to recreate the launch scenes from The Final Countdown movie.
  10. I'm going to assume you rode on the C-130H. My dad flew the C-130H-2 along with the E model Herc for 30 years. Got very accustomed growing up to the noise of Allison turboprop. I'd be curious if the C-130J rides any smoother. Also, this just released.
  11. 6 AIM-120Ds certainly would give the F-35 more punch in A2A capabilities.
  12. I never heard the nickname "Viper" until sometime in the 2000s. The names I only knew it by was Falcon or my dad jokingly calling it, "Lawn Dart". The F-35 already has the nickname "Panther".
  13. So Eagle Dynamics is offering a full month free for all of their modules plus 50% off. The AJS-37 Viggen and F-14B are unfortunately the exception as Heatblur chose to opt-out. Still very much worth checking out.
  14. Doom Eternal badly needs a patch. Finally beat the campaign and went to Mission Select to unlock things I missed. This game randomly crashes to my desktop. I made sure my drivers were up-to-date and even lowered my graphical setting but no changes. It got particularly bad on Exultia when I couldn't even get to the Slayer gate without the game crashing.
  15. Agreed. I've never been a fan of Nomura and still think it's a shame they couldn't bring back Hironobu Sakaguchi to lead up on the story development. I don't know what to think about the big story changes. I'll hold my judgement until I actually get around to playing the Remake. Based on what I've heard, I think I'd of rather Square have focused on fixing the weaknesses in the original story while building it out in other areas. I also wonder if the team hadn't focused so much on artificially padding the game that we could have actually gotten beyond Midgar and seen areas like Kalm, Chocobo Farm and the Mythril Mine.
  16. The new Jill isn't a bad design but Julia Voth will always be my favorite Jill. Not surprised to be hearing many liberties are taken with the FF7R towards the end. They did stretch a section of the game that takes less than 10 hours in the original to 37 hours. Ideally, I hope Square can keep the entire story to no more than 3 games (chapters). Been holding off on a preorder to see what reviews but ofcourse I waited too long and I'll be having to wait an additional week or so before probably getting my hands on it.
  17. Finished Resident Evil 3 R and while it was good. I found it to be too much of a reimagination rather than a remake. Too many locations and certain content were cut from the original which leaves me alittle sour. Carlos' character was easily the most well fleshed out. Jill was good but her personality looked forced at times.
  18. Been playing Doom Eternal on PC and loving it so far. The dash mechanic is a huge difference maker over Doom 2016. Game doesn't stress my 1070 Ti graphics card at all even on Ultra settings.
  19. From what I've read, the APG-71 was ridiculously powerful. No radar among Naval aircraft came close to it until the Super Hornets were upgraded with the APG-79.
  20. If you've been driving an Auto most of your time with cars, what's the fastest way to get comfortable and efficient with driving a manual?
  21. I'm still very curious how many hours FF7 will take up. Hoping for atleast 40 hours and not taken up mostly by cutscenes. March and April will be insane for game releases.
  22. I still have the VHS tapes of this I picked up at Suncoast way back in the early 2000s.
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