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  1. While that would make the F-22 cheaper to build and maintain and despite its overall advantage in a fight over other aircraft. I'd imagine not having its stealth capabilities would make it far more susceptible to being taken down by anti-aircraft defenses especially the newer systems like the S-300. If this became the case then the F-22 would have a far more difficult time trying to obtain air superiority over a theater with it being constantly under threat from SAM platforms.
  2. I forget, is the MiG-35 being built more for the export market or is it being considered for production and fielding into the Russian air force?
  3. I didn't think the Iraqi army had any T-80s. Only T-55s through T-72s. The stories of the A-10 kills reminded me of one I heard of an A-10 that used its gun against an Iraqi Mi-8 Hip helicopter. Tore the thing in half. On topic of the gunpods. The VF-0 and VF-1 used a 55mm gunpod. Wouldn't have firing a gun of that caliber especially in gerwalk and battleoid mode make it very difficult to keep it on target? Not to mention how quickly it'd go through ammo.
  4. $172k for a Nissan...wow. I wonder how much weight it dropped from the standard GT-R. Quite curious to see what numbers come out for it on the Nurburgring. Personally, I've been paying more attention to the new Z lately then the GT-R.
  5. I own a normal 40GB and its pretty damn quiet I think. I don't know if these differences you mentioned carried over to the 40 from the 80. I'd certainly go for the bundle.
  6. I still think the price is playing a big part in it. The 80 and 40GB systems are both the same price. The PS3 has been getting some good exclusives in this year. MGS4, Little Big Planet, etc. Plus Killzone 2 is on the way. I tried Home but don't really care for it too much.
  7. What a great finale! They put so much into this episode that it was hard to follow and no resolution in the love triangle. I think I would have liked to have seen an epilogue episode made though. Some of my favorite scenes. -Micronized Klan piloting Michel's VF-25. -Seeing Macross Galaxy releasing all of those unmanned VF-27s and Ghosts. -The Vajra shielding the main island from Galaxy's attack. -The Daedalus attack on Macross Galaxy. -Alto buzzing Ranka and Sheryl.
  8. I really enjoyed this episode. The little sing off great. Alto's expression was priceless. I liked how Ozma had put the skull design on top of his Lancia.
  9. VF-27 Siren VF-27 Orion VF-27 Crusader II (be nice to bring back the Crusader name. ) VF-27 Paladin VF-27 Aries
  10. The Bugatti vs. Typhoon is a classic. I also liked the one where they drove around southern Europe in the Porsche, Lambo and Aston race car.
  11. I'm also a car enthusiast but mostly have been following rallying the most. My favorites are cars like the Lancia Stratos and Delta S4, Subaru Impreza, Mitsubishi Lancer Evo and Audi S1 and the new S4. I used to be big Evo fan but just of the older generations II through VI models, the newer CT9As don't appeal to me as much.
  12. It was mostly the VF-1 that drew me to it aswell as the characters and story.
  13. fav firearms M4 Carbine M-14 MP-5 (great submachinegun) Mauser 98K AK-74 M-16A1 HK PSG-1 (possibly the best semi-auto sniper rifle in the world) FN P90 Sig Sauer P226 Mk.23 SOCOM Colt 1911
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