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  1. Krikie! $6 for Ruojin Z....and only $1.5x shipping.... gimmie gimmie
  2. that was soooooo bad I couldn't stand to finish it! I think this comment pretty much summed it up:
  3. hehe... my collection of Blue Gender anime Cells and sketches [attachmentid=37684][attachmentid=37685][attachmentid=37686][attachmentid=37687][attachmentid=37688][attachmentid=37689][attachmentid=37690] the sketches don't look so great, bad lighting and a dieing digi battery. I have some high rez scans at work, but I don't think Shawn would like me posting 200+MB photoshop files [attachmentid=37691][attachmentid=37692][attachmentid=37693][attachmentid=37694][attachmentid=37695]
  4. crap... how did I miss this thread... I'll try and post up some of my recent eBay goodies
  5. VII back up... new backplane in and everything seems stable again Now to figure out why my RAID controller freaks out over my Static Hard Drives
  6. VII back down again I was sold a defective LVD HD, it shorted-out and took out 4 of th 6 drive slots on my server's backplane.... was hoping to increase storage space, now it looks like I'm going to have to buy another drive and replace the backplane... Donations would be appreciated, server parts are not cheap southcross [at] gmail [dot] com
  7. I forgot all about Starcom... I had all kinds of their toys so, was Starcom a Jap Anime... or strictly a US cartoon? I have no idea :? I agree... it needs to come out on DVD
  8. After a few weeks on the lamb, I've completed the migration to my new server... Dell PowerEdge w/ 1 Gig of RAM, Dual Processor Capable, up to 6 hotswap U2 hard drives, 8 Gigs of HD space allocated to FTP services... hope to have more Hard drives in the next week or so. All login information is still the same Folder layout should still be the same
  9. LOL, ya... already knew it was the only feature at the show just found it funny, and was wondering why MW.com wasn't tearing it apart?
  10. wow I'm supprised you guys haven't gone ape-shiz since it was announced that Shadow Chronicles "has been named the Best Animated Sci-Fi Feature at the 2006 International Horror and Sci-Fi Film Festival."
  11. dang, so its only going to be in theaters for a very brief time, then directly to video? I will have to watch for it... I know there are several digital theaters around here, wonder which ones will get it.
  12. 7 down again temporarily for some hardware moving/upgrading... sorry for any inconvience. I'm looking at doing a serious RAID upgrade, need donations... even small ones would be awesome! southcross -at- gmail -dot- com
  13. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, naturally. Yours is entitled "heresy". 416209[/snapback] have to spread the heresy around also.... PL II was a drawn out GITS episode with absolutely no "action"... I own it on DVD, its part of my collection, I NEVER watch it... too boring, rather watch Dynomite 7 wihtout the subtitles
  14. 7 was down for a few days while I moved the server into my new fancy "donated" server cabinet :shock: Please... if you like the iMacross Service... consider donating! Bandwidth, storeage, maintenance, and etc can be murder on a single person's budget!
  15. wowsers! a Lab 5 playset is going to be available!!!! http://www.bigbadtoystore.com/bbts/menu.as...155&company=152 no pic yet
  16. Holly Schikies! The first piece has been announced!!! Marlene Angel and a Sniper Armored Shrike!!! http://www.bigbadtoystore.com/bbts/menu.as...962&company=152 only $44.99 Pre-Order but no pic yet
  17. You have never seen inside one? Holly crap! Its a fricken apartment on wheels! Most are 100x better than any RV
  18. no worries... its just like the schmuck that ranted on ANN how Cowboy Bebop was the worst anime ever because each eppisode in the series wasn't tied into the next... turned into a flame warMislovrit, eerr, don't remember exactly... I think I snagged it from a Japanese Blue Gender fan site... I know my ANN avatar came from one!
  19. JELEINEN, I assume you have seen the Matrix... the whole "the human race isn't mamal, they should be classified as a virus... the multiply until there are too many, then they spread to other areas" There is also a belief that wicked diseases are the earths way of controlling out of control populations. Then you have the Japanese and their references to "Gaya" (SP?).. the soul of the earth.. etc.... while its definatly a different ending... its NOT "blindingly stupid"
  20. I never "didn't like it"... just had trouble putting 2 and 2 together to get the ending straight. What I didn't realize is its more like putting 2 through 12 together... the ending is really explained by the last 5-7 (maybe 7-9) episodes, and only in little tid bits along the way. If you, the "short-term memory" watcher, don't put what happend or was stated three episodes into what is happing... you miss it.
  21. dang... it JUST hit me! I think I understand the ending to the TV series... I'll spoiler it once your done
  22. its not a bad ending to the TV series... its just "weird"... the more I watch it, the more I get it.... but still its more of an ending, than the ending of the movie
  23. "superior ending"??? BAH! I bought "The Warrior" off ebay (got an honest to gawd retail "new in sealed" DVD for $9 shipped!!!! )... and just finished watching it. While I liked the way they rebuilt the story into the movie for the first hour, THATS IT! the last 40-50 mins totally screwed up the whole story. Plus the ending was so sudden and anticlimatic... left me going WTF!?! I'm going to keep it for my collection... but I'm not likely going to watch it nearly as many times as I have already watched the TV series.... I'm rounding out 4 times now.
  24. DANG! I want to see this thing in person!
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