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  1. My latest haul! Thanks to ultraman zoffy for the hook up.
  2. This guy probably doesn't need another notch on his belt, but he's gonna get a shout out anyway. Thanks to ultraman zoffy for a really great sale. Excellent seller & definitely one of the coolest members here on the boards.
  3. Love this pic! It looks like that IKEA Detolf can barely contain The Monster. Thanks for sharing, sh9000!
  4. Deleted sold item & edited for lowered prices
  5. I still love my 1/48 collection. Always will! Here's one of my faves:
  6. $193 pre-ordered w/o shipping from HLJ for the regular version, but oh well! It's the only 1S variant in my 1/48 & 1/60 collection, so I think it was worth getting. At least, it was the next best thing to getting a separate strike pack that a lot of us are waiting for but won't seem to be getting anytime soon.
  7. I'm sold for either version. I've been waiting to get another 1/60 1S HIKARU for awhile.
  8. Thanks for the heads up, folks! I've been waiting for another release of the HIKARU 1S.
  9. I hope you have some Yamato VF-1 V2 to sell.
  10. I've got 3 kits I need to get rid of. All unbuilt & in their original packaging. Parts are still in sprues. - 1/100 VF-1S HIKARU ICHIJO STRIKE BATTROID from WAVE - $30 shipped - 1/100 VF-2SS from Macross II by BANDAI - $25 shipped Payments by PAYPAL only. I'll put the prices down a little for local pickups. I'm in Orange Co., SoCal. PM me for questions.
  11. connor99

    Hi-Metal R

    Well in terms of the VF-1, that's what the 1/60 V2 are for!
  12. i'm selling these 2 items to try & trim down my own personal collection. MISB. Payment is thru PAYPAL friends & family. Otherwise, buyer covers the fees. Shipping is not included. PM me a zipcode for a shipping quote. Thanks for looking. - TAKARA Transformers reissue SMOKESCREEN & HOT ROD. MISB. Asking price is $50 each
  13. connor99

    Hi-Metal R

    These HI-Metal CF's really need to be outfitted with some Fastpacks. Do we know if Bandai would ever put out some stand alone FPs for their Hi-Metal line?
  14. Nice! I'm not a big fan of the Gerwalk mode but this bird looks amazing in it!
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