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  1. Interview with May'n for her 15th Anniversary in show biz (some advert for the Beer company Kirin XD) and she talks fondly about Sheryl Nome (and Aya Endo - voice actress for Sheryl) https://ddnavi.com/interview/635702/a/?fbclid=IwAR0zBikJZCyJVBaeuY2Jmljgkr2aZlatl0qAfEatZZCYxo6m6k6K7V4ahyo
  2. Goods for the 15th anniversary is available! http://mayn.jp/goods20200531/?fbclid=IwAR0jp6L1THcpfGxzyjE0A6jKayMLanrWBNTDaE9ESpwSH_-2L7QwRrNChjc
  3. Well, the broadcast came and went. It was a bit boring if you can't understand Japanese. But immediately she starts singing, the number of viewers go up! But somehow because the lack of an audience and only a piano accompanying her, it's missing some magic. Would have preferred if she was using MP3 (like the acoustic graphite/diamond) She sang 5 songs 1. Crazy, Crazy, Crazy 2. Diamond Crevasse (Macross F) 3. Kimi Shinitamou Koto Nakare (OP Shangri-la) 4. ? 5. Phonic Nation and at the end a surprise anniversary cake!
  4. Getting ready for tomorrow's broadcast..... Bonus pix........Muu chan sleeping ON her feet which causes her feet to be numb. XD
  5. It's the 'Power Of LOVE' http://mayn.jp/15th-special-plan20200601/?fbclid=IwAR2CBeG5ejVsS8UlOJ0IYveHwhoFjMT4OVfJe6YGF1PAjiLw6QgqRKz_oSc
  6. Coming soon. May'n doing her Logos (Her's and Sheryl Nome's)
  7. Big news coming! 1st of June marks May'n 15th Anniversary of her debut into showbiz. Since it's still a pandemic, she will deliver a special segment on that day! Mark your calendar!
  8. Hmm....which do you prefer, single horn or duo horn...... XD
  9. Transform! May'n make up class.....
  10. Looks like her cat Muu chan is enjoying it's stay indoors. May'n has just finished organizing her winter clothes when it suddenly became Muu chan's favorite place. XD 'So sorry to bother you.' https://ameblo.jp/mayn-blog/entry-12597094032.html?fbclid=IwAR1bZ4_z1kCBjIGEcNjhbyqj5gM9DnOegRwOClkqh4ddqUX9sFnAOS8fpxA
  11. Someone requested for May'n to record herself playing 'Animal Crossing', actually it was kinda boring as she didn't make any noise. The most interesting thing was when she noticed something on the right (our left) and it moved to across her feet (probably her cat Muu chan) XD
  12. Well, she has leveled up! With much time at home, she's trying out Britney Spear's - Everytime
  13. I supposed she got a lot of request to do the song and so she's back with the full song. It's from a Taiwanese band - Mayday 'Suddenly Miss You' She's singing in a low voice which is a surprise!
  14. She usually associate May being her month and today is the 1st, she make a special video for the occasion. She's singing in Mandarin (my Mandarin is not that good) and something about missing the company of her fans (us!)
  15. For those that can't get enough of May'n during Sunday's broadcast - 'graphite/diamond' and those that missed it, we'll fear not as the Galactic Fairy performs an Acoustic ver. (First time ever!) for everyone! Stay home, Stay safe! Very well sung and look at all those Hippos! XD
  16. Special online event by Anime Festival Asia tonight 26th April at 8pm - featuring J-pop artist including May'n. From the line up, it looks like last year's concert where May'n duet with Minori Chihara and other artist from HoriPro Intl.
  17. Diamond Crevasse from May'n Home. As usual Mu-chan (the guardian of the keyboard) keeps a watchful eye...
  18. May'n singing from home. This time it's Phonic Nation, (with accompanying 'audience's singing') XD I hope she does more of such videos. Hmm, her cat Mu-chan is probably tied up or asleep (otherwise it would jump on the keyboard and disrupt the playing) Look at all the Hippos on the top of the cupboard! XD
  19. Big News! Horipro has release (for a limited time only) May'n Christmas Special Concert 2018 - Day 2 Enjoy
  20. More free time and different hair styles!
  21. With most of the concerts and events cancelled, she goes to have a hair cut and get her hair back to it's natural color. The first pix, she looks like a small child! XD https://ameblo.jp/mayn-blog/entry-12584118736.html?fbclid=IwAR2DJzO3nX3lj_IX_JQJq-LbIHngzbJCnSVTOm1uftK55Rq05FXlVcUhiW8
  22. March is a month for students graduating in Japan and apparently they play this song. So the Galactic Fairy sings it to all of them that are graduating this March.
  23. Came across this - a snap quiz, not sure when it was recorded. Could be in the Philippines.
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