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  1. I didn't attend JUNNA's concert, the tickets were quite expensive (gone up another 10 SGD - if only I was earning SGD). Anyway, I was there for only one reason and one person XD. Those that did was happy with her performance and she could speak English. First song was - Ikenai Borderline - I guess it was to announce her presence (Mikumo) before moving on to her own songs. Some interesting pix..... Can almost the Rocky's theme playing in the background and then the KO! XD
  2. C3AFASG 2019, this year is quite different in the sense they try to engage the audience more - karaoke contest, hands on new games, an additional stage for the audience to play against cosplayers, a Naruto ninja exam/training course. And then tragedy struck......in a cakey way... XD Even nano and LiSA joined in. Probably she was going to share it with them.....lots of funny comments....
  3. I'm back from C3AFASG 2019 and sad to report there were no interviews to report for both JUNNA and May'n due to scheduling problems but happy to report some awesome things happened at the concert - which will be soon. Meanwhile, this is an interview done for WEIBO. She did managed to take a photo with JUNNA at C3AFASG 2019 http://www.wws-channel.com/interview2/179567.html?view=more
  4. Since the launch of graphite/diamond, there quite a few good pix (sharing below). Another one more day and I'll be heading down to Singapore for C3AFASG 2019 and hopefully able to meet up with 'Bucho' and Junna (Mikumo of Macross Delta)
  5. May'n as a guest at Minami A La Mode show, eating cat shaped confectionery. Video starts at 36.40 and ends at 47.06 https://live2.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv322798650
  6. Graphite/Diamond launch! I want that poster! XD
  7. May'n wins BIG at the Asian Music Festival 2019 in China and Red Carpet walk https://ameblo.jp/mayn-blog/entry-12546334260.html?fbclid=IwAR3M8dxPi8c3_c84Xckxz2TZoojaiZjUz6elKpxpWTN9Ti9tP5qEceWcYJ8
  8. Graphite/Diamond - Songs of Tokyo 2019
  9. May'n as guest in a talk show featuring Graphite/Diamond- the first part only.
  10. Her naughty cat decides to sit on the keyboard and May'n improvises...... XD
  11. A snap interview by Animax at Cosplay Mania in the Philippines. There's also a supernatural episode! .
  12. Happy Halloween from the Galactic Fairy!
  13. More on her B-day celebrations. Risa Ebata drew this for her. At a concert. the audience surprised her with B-day cards
  14. Some fun pix at G/D chord tour (after her 30th B-day)
  15. The Galactic Fairy turn 30 today! Happy Birthday May'n! https://ameblo.jp/mayn-blog/entry-12538077343.html?fbclid=IwAR1vcvLThbUvSFlIMzX0NcBA0dUVQcufh6Qm9mmX8v3bZ6JkJuryLLejqN0 Plus some pix from her Hall Tour 2019 - G/D chord
  16. May'n Birthday dance? https://ameblo.jp/mayn-blog/entry-12533619439.html?fbclid=IwAR3XrAmpNrVlh7O3J9Un21OabapBdro4oqKPn8oS8-P6JUXRcPdSWcH3tQM
  17. Just completed here show in Philippines (Cosplay Mania! 2019) last weekend and the songs she sang were : 1. Welcome to my Fan's Club Night - Styles ver. 2. Chase the World (OP for Accel World) 3. One in a Billion - May'n ver. (OP for Isekai Shokudou) 4. Scarlett Ballet (OP for Hidan no Aria) 5. Vivid (OP for Blood Lad) 6. Belief (Op for Taboo Tattoo) 7. Northern Cross (Macross Frontier) 8. You (OP2 for The Ancient Magus' Bride) 9. Diamond Crevasse (Macross Frontier) After the event, they went to eat Cow Bone Soup (which looked very messy) and this picture was taken (I almost fell of my chair from laughing)
  18. Graphite/Diamond MV. I was expecting the MV to be more.....'expensive' seeing how much they used to promote the event.
  19. May'n messing around (in the Philippines) - singing 'Baby Shark'
  20. On the 14th & 15th Sept (same day as Tokyo Game Show ) at Akihabara, they had a grand celebration for Azure Lane 2nd Anniversary.
  21. May'n 18th Single - Graphite Diamond - OP for Azure Lane Anime - release 20th November 2019 (That's very close to C3AFASG 2019) http://mayn.jp/graphitediamond/?fbclid=IwAR3sMH6c0z7oPHfzWjGtBXGL3o_HVYh8C4Y_0lJXL1u6lXMCn0BbgMTgP1E
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