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  1. Sheryl (May'n) invited Sheryl (Anya Endo) to see a Baseball game! Among the stuff she brought back was a baseball card. : D
  2. Looks like May'n is doing the ED song for a comedy anime 'TAPH!!!!!!!!!!'. The Song - Ahatte Teppen (I'm sorry for you) https://www.digitaldouble.co.jp/artists/mayn?fbclid=IwAR1CATFzWoSsPySD9mxRuqqBM7fAlKPJf5_7vnOaF105G5rI2JQsoEbiTOg
  3. A new tour - Laugh & Peace will begin soon. Here's what May'n feels about it! https://twitter.com/mayn_tw/status/1516972786190745600?s=21&t=W90VGS2V5PzM8tiVP8_XxA&fbclid=IwAR23B5ia4hQ5UZZ6u4UmzKbmNHywHcd282sg5fdqvkdzSSG-ixBsP6hQwws
  4. There were some nice photos of May'n when she went to support the baseball team DRAGONS but one in particular I'm really curious about! The recent one, her younger sister came along to watch with her but her face was covered over (koala bear)! Really interested to see what she looks like! XD https://twitter.com/mayn_tw/status/1513864096424206336?s=21&t=ExbK9bUY2Zj_339naTySLg&fbclid=IwAR1eLFSvDMiGYU2Kd4zcxAs8-TpXv9g75Phic2OWEq6qOHs2uvNGkMLVLQQ
  5. Interview with May'n on her collaboration for the song. https://www.lisani.jp/0000199587/?fbclid=IwAR2zVGwluiC2N6kQrkgPmqPeJCj6in7uOG0VpTYBdeoIKm2iSO_3lFV1zJA
  6. I was going to post that no3Ljm, but thanks for posting it anyway. So I guess all of us are DRAGON's (one of Japan's baseball team) Fans now...... XD New Song - for the baseball Team!
  7. Sheryl n Mikumo pix on Newtype cover - Deculture Mix I've ordered the Regular version of the collab CD while waiting you can listen for free :
  8. An interesting perspective from May'n. When we hear LION or any other duet song, we often think it's 50-50 (May'n & Megumi) or even Sheryl 50-50 (Aya Endo (VA) & May'n (song) but to them and the rest of the cast it's 100% & 100%! (with the exception of Universal Bunny - 200% May'n!) XD https://ameblo.jp/mayn-blog/entry-12736042349.html?fbclid=IwAR2LpucYnuB1FWBb_Cx4z1QdfV92hp1VXfSQD5iCGNbYbNfyCJ37Y5ftPJo
  9. May'n delighted to get her copy of the 40th Anniversary collab CD! How about you?
  10. May'n promoting the 40th Anniversary collab CD https://twitter.com/FlyingDogInc/status/1510905096368005124
  11. May'n suddenly noticed the similarities of her pix cover for the F 2021 concert and the one taken live during the concert! Feels emotional....
  12. Pix from last night's event. the Cover for Macross F' 2021 BD - Sheryl and Ranka's stickers exclusive only for the 1st 10,000 copies (by the time of my reporting is already sold out from what I'm aware of)
  13. For that, you will have to check out macross.jp. Anything really NEW? As far as I know.... NOTHING! But lots of reissues - like the Regult (after 40 years, the forward guns still can't point forward! XD). Same Valkyries but different color schemes! Probably only NEW thing would be the Yami-Q's X-wing fighter and Capital ship - but somehow Capital ships are not popular.
  14. Just fresh from the oven! The 40th Anniversary collaboration talk show - May'n (MC) with Megumi Nakajima, Minori Suzuki and JUNNA, sharing their experience on doing the songs. Oh, and the Macross F LIVE 2021 BD release date has been changed to 22.6.22!
  15. Interview with May'n (as Sheryl) on her thoughts about the 40th Anniversary collaboration Album. Fun read. https://www.lisani.jp/0000198371/
  16. May'n 2021 Christmas concert sample
  17. Sample o all 11 songs from the collaboration between Macross Frontier's and Delta's singers is out. A special edition of 'Love, Do you Remember?' (11)
  18. Footage of May'n accepting best performance award at WEIBO Account Festival in Japan 2019
  19. May'n preparing for Hang Jam, decides to mimic NANA chan (the 30 foot tall fashionable Mannequin at Nagoya) with Hang Jam T-shirt! XD Video at : twitter.com/mayn_tw/status/1499672665056944130?s=21&fbclid=IwAR2j8jDgYQQtvgdPih6q-XeFDuYw0XP8ucT8qeePnEFIyCDK2X1Y4JjY3IU
  20. A special event by Flying Dog, u can now download full MV of May'n songs which previously was only 1st chorus. Click on Flying Dog to see more videos. 2 other FULL videos I managed to find are 'Lose my Illusions' and 'RE:Remember' (but I can't find it now)
  21. New song for anime - Untitled Magical Girl! There's 2 other songs by other singers under the same title.
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