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  1. One more day to Sheryl's B-Day and official announcement on Frontier's long awaited concert! Already the Macross sites in FB is filled with pictures of Sheryl (some posted before while other have not been seen before) May'n really happy with her performances in the musical 'IKIRU'
  2. Her 15 Colors soul tracks is at no. 1 (R&B section) More IKIRU madness with the dual role. ( May'n is wearing very cute slippers!)
  3. Some more of the celebrations going on.... (the things that May'n love best!) and a very, very WONDERFUL news! https://ameblo.jp/mayn-blog/entry-12636219690.html?fbclid=IwAR2IdY0cvnUEsSwyTBWQWKMYw9UGmBdPEeqVGD8wnbK_a7usr3-ceysHSxg !!!!!!!!!!!! Looking forward to 2021!
  4. May'n at Sweets Paradise promoting her menu. Full menu at : https://www.sweets-paradise.jp/collaboration/maynsp
  5. May'n new song! - LOVE, Close to me (slow but nice) There is a Fake account in FB just made today - May (with lots of shared pix from May'n official account) I got an invite from it but fans in South America already pointed it out.
  6. May'n trying her hand in transforming! XO
  7. Big smiles on her B-day. And a self promo for her photo book! XD
  8. Today is May'n Birthday! Fellow actors from IKIRU congratulates her in the back room!
  9. Her new photobook is now available for order.
  10. Some very nice pics from IKIRU's 2nd run.
  11. More workout vids. I have no idea she trained like this.
  12. A sample of the 15 songs are now on YouTube . I really liked the unplugged one. What's yours?
  13. Japanese fans informed it's only available for digital download but the link is not up yet. As for the photo book, only Fan Club members and buy it (comes with the CD covers) I guess we'll know more later
  14. There's a new album out called 15 Colors with 3 different distinct CD jacket and a 100 pages A4 size photo book costing JPY10,500! In my country's currency I'm paying 4 times the amount for one book! XD https://ameblo.jp/mayn-blog/entry-12625932116.html?fbclid=IwAR3-iWa9qUqq7r42TSNKNnbl9OKJPlLW3qlEKxXselSiig5wMogLbu-OEP4
  15. September 15, is Mu Chan's 2nd Anniversary! It's the day, she brought a stray cat home and been her companion ever since May'n working out in the gym......and the strange sound at the end of it.....XD
  16. Horipro channel #2! May'n sings! New Song 'Can you Celebrate?' (22:26)
  17. Looking back at Hang Jam 4 & 4.5 https://ameblo.jp/mayn-blog/entry-12621418358.html?fbclid=IwAR0yKP55MfrSZwYO1y8mOlQrCZk5fKyuAQhKulZ3CzMgpVsUas8HYMyew4E https://ameblo.jp/mayn-blog/entry-12621881326.html?fbclid=IwAR0yKP55MfrSZwYO1y8mOlQrCZk5fKyuAQhKulZ3CzMgpVsUas8HYMyew4E https://ameblo.jp/mayn-blog/entry-12622342110.html?fbclid=IwAR0yKP55MfrSZwYO1y8mOlQrCZk5fKyuAQhKulZ3CzMgpVsUas8HYMyew4E Next, the stage play 'IKIRU' has started again with May'n taking part again.
  18. Now that the concert is over, she's taking a break and posting interesting photos of her cat.
  19. Hang Jam 4.5 has passed and pix from the concert. Earlier you could still 'buy' the concert after the date. https://l-tike.zaiko.io/e/maynhangjam?fbclid=IwAR2cMULJJk7p3OcI5ccRWehY_hubC_j-R-vDdCfwXiuLrSpJd8nUeZlAOJc
  20. Those that bought the tickets for the online concert HANG JAM 4.5, don't forget to tune in tomorrow! It seems Tokyo's temperature is quite high right now and Mu chan is looking for the coolest spot to lie down.......how did it get into the cupboard! XD
  21. I suppose the acoustic concert will be something like this.
  22. Wanna JAM with May'n ? - Hang Jam Vol. 4.5! JPY3,900 (16th August 2020) https://l-tike.zaiko.io/e/maynhangjam?fbclid=IwAR2Fp6McKYY9s0OfIyTMC7BnOWkuv6-nS6hm9SMvumJUsdd7LMMtrqafAvs
  23. Well, it was just a talk show. I was hoping they at least sing one song per person.....maybe later episodes. It seems that it will be a regular show and will be hosted by May'n. Something funny happened during the recording of this program. The table used by May'n was unstable/uneven and they written the notice behind May'n name card! XD
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