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  1. Fashionable May'n! (one of her concert goods) Just discovered how much is May'n worth! (not too sure what to make of it) - 1.5 million USD! https://twitter.com/i/status/1450752665420328961 https://allfamousbirthday.com/may-n/?fbclid=IwAR2klP70Fwoczb759649pjtMdUTcSpLUO5B3--8RfMxOoAix_XVpPfiJ1LE A new song - BHU that will accompany the release of 'Orange'
  2. While still practicing for Jack the Ripper for Osaka performance, the staff got her a pie which she gleefully share with us, XD https://twitter.com/mayn_tw/status/1446105309399773194?s=21&fbclid=IwAR0oQb9Tq9DePM5_WTvnuTwuVyK6y6EU9Swp8OTdiQOhEeKE3QrGpGeasCk Some photos of her upcoming Birthday concert. There was a short video of her song 'Orange' on Youtube but I can't find it.
  3. The new Macross Delta movie has started to be shown in the cinemas (which included a short film on Macross Frontier - Labyrinth of Time) The 2 halves of Sheryl - May'n (song) and Aya Endo (voice) went to watch. From May'n twitter, she was very emotional. She cried throughout the entire short film - Sheryl was the best character. MARUfujiya drew a sketch ver, of Ranka & Sheryl watching the new Delta movie. Ranka is telling Sheryl that her snacking and slurping is too loud! XD
  4. Walking back to the train station at NARA after shooting, she bumped into a Taiyaki shop and then wild deers roaming the streets! Wonder if she fed the deers her Taiyaki....XD https://twitter.com/mayn_tw/status/1445688125427118086?s=21&fbclid=IwAR05N405cWcwyvjggqanz6qnkdCHysrGTpJvG929MVmtaDQawVjl2Ds3yh0
  5. More news! On the 23rd of November 2021, inconjunture with Sheryl's Birthday there will be another concert! Hope they have overseas streaming service!
  6. As part of the Macross 40th Anniversary celebration, they decided to do a crossover where Frontier songstress would sing Macross Delta songs and Walkure will sing Frontier songs! They set up poll and asked fans to choose the songs and the results are such : Frontier (Ranka & Sheryl) sings : Ikenai Borderline 2. Bokura no Senjou 3.Hametsu no Junjou (Delta 2nd ED) Delta (Walkure) : Sayonara no Tsubasa (F 2nd Movie) 2. Lion 3. Hokage Overflow (F 2nd Movie) So, do you agree or some other songs should be sung instead? Honestly, for Frontier singers to tackle Ikenai Borderline, I would also vote that. At the Macross Crossover 2019, May'n x Walkure did perform that song but because it was divided to 6 singers it has less impact. For Bokura no Senjou - May'n x Walkure was awesome! I would also vote for it! So now, with May'n n Megumi - really looking forward to it! As for Walkure, LION gets my vote. I would love to have them perform Nyan-nyan Service Medley! This song is 5 mins long, giving each member adequate song time! There's just too many songs that I would like both teams to sing - just hope they would do an entire album!
  7. Just fresh in, another anime project where May'n will sing the OP - Flowery My Way! (A Magical Girl anime!)
  8. So much news has come out this week, for fans of Sheryl Nome - Macross F concert (after 11 years) is announced! Overseas fans can watch the event via streaming (except China, Russia and North Korea)! Tickets on sale 23rd Sept 2021 https://otakumode.com/shop/613ed739a7a979396200f102/Macross-Frontier-Galaxy-Live-2021-REVENGE-Live-Stream-Event-Ticket
  9. The Galactic Fairy having fun with her new Space gun! Don't run or I'll Shoot! https://twitter.com/mayn_tw/status/1440656800055889940?s=21&fbclid=IwAR0PPRZZUhD0uX2pqxLqnJw4H4b5aGcgzBrkAOPsDm_48ax7CmBa2xtz5lI Some funny photos this week - she found out that her arm has gone muscular from all that work out! And met 'Gloria' outside of the theater of Jack the Ripper! 'I will protect you!' XD
  10. Another new single and Anime to be out soon - Puraore! Pride of Orange! Some nice Pix for the cover.
  11. More pix from Jack The Reaper and another BIG news, May'n will be appearing n the musical 'Fist of the North Star'!
  12. May'n hard at work at the gym. https://twitter.com/mayn_tw/status/1433733212497350658?s=21&fbclid=IwAR3VpEL67J0vZZgQsex5gsBYfmmjg4a0ZCUwkaRBQIKZItA8M_sSajPa4qc And some recent nice photos :
  13. New artwork by Risa Ebata for Frontier 10th Anniversary concert shown as well as merchandise!
  14. More performance from Jack the Ripper! May'n : 1.13
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