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  1. More pix from Jack The Reaper and another BIG news, May'n will be appearing n the musical 'Fist of the North Star'!
  2. May'n hard at work at the gym. https://twitter.com/mayn_tw/status/1433733212497350658?s=21&fbclid=IwAR3VpEL67J0vZZgQsex5gsBYfmmjg4a0ZCUwkaRBQIKZItA8M_sSajPa4qc And some recent nice photos :
  3. New artwork by Risa Ebata for Frontier 10th Anniversary concert shown as well as merchandise!
  4. More performance from Jack the Ripper! May'n : 1.13
  5. May'n uses the JEDI voice on her cat! XD https://twitter.com/mayn_tw/status/1428657692034224135?s=21&fbclid=IwAR12GbdyRWVpE7e-x2vkN99t8iAQRy09OmsoGvOe4152d1Tti75yZ2aCd7o
  6. May'n will appear (virtually) at this event in Indonesia this 21st & 22nd.
  7. May'n exercise routine. She reached 5 and then shouted for HELP! XD
  8. Info : https://horipro-stage.jp/pickup/jacktheripper20210805/ Music from Jack the Ripper. A short intro for the cast and some behind the scenes (towards the end) Promo - Jack the Ripper (in costume)
  9. She seemed to be very happy with this outfit. Album launch with meet & greet at Akihabara (behind a transparent plastic sheet) https://ameblo.jp/mayn-blog/image-12688368703-14977089569.html
  10. Fresh from the youtube oven : Snipet from May'n 15th Anniversary concert!
  11. 2 other interviews on her release of the new album Momentbook (2nd one have more nice pix of her) https://repotama.com/2021/07/155274/?fbclid=IwAR2JufiYTKwoaHZ91M4QkUolVaJR32JtW4klhdfRiKeazJ6n-FZfNge7uFM https://spice.eplus.jp/articles/289620/amp?__twitter_impression=true&fbclid=IwAR3hFtdNWzjTrSzmmaT18pp5_ujLODkyiyq8tKwrVoVylPywgmy0CtmDLzw
  12. New news! Frontier concert is postponed again to November. Meantime May'n will sing the ED for a new anime 'SHIKIZAKURA' and the trailer for the anime. Looks like meld between tech and magic!
  13. Short (very) interview with May'n at nikkan-spa.jp but awesome picture! https://nikkan-spa.jp/1763622?cx_clicks_sldbox=2_slidemdl
  14. Another interview on her album launch https://note.com/lesenlucke/n/n1724c1ceb4d2?fbclid=IwAR017j6AQXk-PawlrXzZ2hugLE6kzCfNPeUfkTA8TfZ2n0I86vDj4nJCT2g Nice pix of her launch.
  15. May'n with the 2 covers of her new album.
  16. May'n New Album 'momentbook' A list of songs in the album
  17. Another strange one! Would you give this to your mum? XD
  18. May'n Q&A on Jack the Ripper https://www.facebook.com/macrossworld/videos/2464273693717584 May'n got too excited when she got a bento for lunch and in a hurry she broke the chopsticks! XD
  19. More Potato madness! The making of POTATO! XD The shooting - Twitter The song making process - youtube
  20. Just in today 16.6.21! May'n latest song - Walk with Moments (lyrics and composition by May'n). Some of the poses are really nice.
  21. Musical - Jack the Ripper! https://ameblo.jp/mayn-blog/entry-12679681138.html?fbclid=IwAR3xcaLVnFMxRP4zPcKmhm50CovrIDgoFUA9Q8lyCWNgrBQNXdduKzBPOeg
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