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  1. Any ideas on what these might be worth? I can't find any recent history on ebay. Thanks!
  2. Maybe I should sell my VE-1. It's in excellent shape except I only have super armor and not the original armor. I wonder what it would sell for with that little swap.
  3. Bummer, I thought maybe some weren't bootlegs. Anyway, thanks for the info.
  4. I have four Macross 7 valkyries and I'm trying to figure out which are bootlegs and which are not. Also, is there a Macross toy price guide that's up to date? The MW toy section appears to be old, but I'm not sure.
  5. crazypakan

    1/60 Gbp

    Does anybody have pictures of the box that doesn't come with the valkyrie?
  6. I saw one once, but it was used. I've been to several different gamestops and that was the only one.
  7. Too bad. I actually forgot about all this and assumed that HG had backed off. They aren't even selling the MPC so much anymore, I don't understand why Yamato or Bandai would be cutting into their sales to the point where they'd have to be lame about it.
  8. I would be curious to know if it would hold a 1/55 Bandai, but isn't this a crime against nature? It does look neat, I just hope it isn't super expensive.
  9. Hey Rob, I sent payment, and I think you deleted me from the list on the first page.
  10. I dig all the customs that are being made, but this...this is amazing. I'm stunned. Too amazing for words.
  11. I'd like one, but I don't have a fat sack of money lying around. Plus then I'd have to buy the Millia as well. Oh well, I'm satisfied with 2 of each in 1/60. Close enough.
  12. If the 1/60 line was any indication, then they won't release the valk and armor separate. I really can't imagine getting it without the fast packs, but then again, I did that with the 1/55 reissue. Although, had Bandai offered the fast packs, I'm sure I would have bought them.
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