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  1. I have to get those!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Where can I find (in Sydney, Australia) the Yamato stand previously shown here? Anybody knows if its available in NSW? Ta!
  3. JackSparrow


    Happy Holidays Troopers!
  4. I dont think its a limited release if thats what you mean.
  5. for those who are richy rich and ready to part some cash....http://www.tisinc99.com Priced for the likes of Li Ka Sheng or Kerry Packer huh?
  6. I'm 28,....its good to know I am not the oldest. I was exposed to these toys around 1984 if i am not mistaken. That makes me 9 years old then! Whew....still addicted to Macs & Trans! IMHO,....I have to admit though that in a pure toy design aspect Macross Valkyrie rules....but storyline and excitement...Transformers Gen 1 takes the cake for me!
  7. Keep them matey. I still remember the toys in the very early 80's...the big Voltes V, Mazinger Z, Grendizer....(shows my age ha ha ha) I had most if not all...and at age 6 I don't know how to handle it,...broken this and that....the rest is history. Now my point is (just like the others here) you are in a position not to suffer most of our fate....you can keep them and later on, say after about 5 to 10 years if you still feel the same, sell it. I doubt it though. Collectors tend to have a cyclical appetite for their respective collections. Believe you US you will not regret keeping those toys!
  8. Thanks for the feedback! Its just good to know I paid just enough! The Low Vis is really impressive. It has that model airplane look of a Harrier V STOL that I have, I just don't know but I really fell for the real color look.
  9. Hello there, I just bought a Low Vis VF-1A for $145.00, Being new to this hobby, is that an excellent price or just average? Thanks for feedback in advance.
  10. The stands are great! I will order one daddy long legs and 1 standard stand. about the low vis,....here at downtown sydney, a model shop is selling one for AU$ 328.00!!!!!!!!! What a ripper! No bloody way i am buying that!!!! Its still cheaper to order 1 via HLJ or any other online shop.
  11. I agree! By the way I would like to order the stand I saw in Graham's review. The stand for the 1/48 Low Vis distributed by "Sithlord". How much is it? How can I get in touch with Sithlord? Thanks!
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