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  1. OMG, soooo gorgeousss!! thanks for sharing!
  2. btw... today I finished Hikaru, this is his portrait :
  3. yes, that´s the plan
  4. Thank you , guys! and here is the first finished drawing , Sharon Apple.
  5. thanks!! I use two brands of markers (Copic and Kurecolor) I can buy only the latter here where I live, but they are great. Of couse I must keep practising, and I am sure I´ll never reach Mikimoto´s style ^^´ I am currently painting the big drawing ,with all the characters together, and will add some valks to make it look more "epic"
  6. The best valkyrias clip to me is the one from Macross Ultimate Frontier game. Its bloody perfect, all that aerial show, VF-1S vs VF-25, and Basara singing *__*
  7. Here are some new images from Macross FB7 and the Macross 7 blu ray box http://akiba-souken.com/article/anime/14708/
  8. Here I post three more sketches.. only four to finish left this is my way to celebrate the anniversary
  9. my all time fav, "Angel voice" duet by Basara and Minmay and this one, the official MTV video clip for Sayonara no Tsubasa - The end of the triangle... http://youtu.be/9oWS6CBJGzs
  10. three more drawings, preparin the "big one" for the 30th anniversary. Thanks for the previous comments. Here are some guys
  11. found them at the Macross fan club site
  12. omg, these pieces of pure ART are simply STUNNIG *bows* but is sad how they ended
  13. thanks , EXO I bring all the rest of my Macross drawings, some are very old....
  14. I am preparing a huge "macross anniversary" drawing, here are the first sketches ...
  15. this one looks like official art for the anniversary celebration
  16. your drawings are amazing, I think I ´ve seen some at DeviantArt, am I correct??
  17. hi again! here is my latest painting, another one for Alto-hime sama ^^ ... hope you like it. Painted with Kurecolors and Copic markers Thanks for your kind comments, guys.
  18. fantastic "official poster" pose The Valkirias are amazingly well done !
  19. great "shoot" ... very original, the perspective is fantastic
  20. hey guys, i hope I am posting these in the proper thread. I ´ve looking for these new official drawings in good quality from the cast of Macross Frontier dressed in casual clothes and found them as background images at the macross fan club site . All look so great
  21. You mean this one uh? I use pencil and ink first, for everyone of my drawings. Then I scan and color them in PS (or handpaint with markers). In this case, I selected the area of the chest, and chose four different greys. I first filled the entire selected area with the lighter one, then I used a big soft brush to create the first shadow ,then the third and fourth greys to create the "deepness" . Last, one "lens flare" effect with another soft brush , to create that round light , using white color, and the same with a smaller brush to do the bright in the borders of the armour. I have no tricks basically as you can see and I use official pics from the series and movies to pick and select the colors, that´s important.Hope I was helpful ^^
  22. thanks a lot for your messages and the welcome @Mr March, I would love to be helpful concerning drawing and coloring techniques ^^ Here is my Macross gallery at my DA page: http://neldorwen.deviantart.com/gallery/32121180 Will post an update when I do new fanart ...
  23. Hi guys... hope I am doing ok in posting this thread. I introduced myself a couple of days ago, and now I´ll post some of my drawings . Hope you like them. I have a gallery at DeviantArt with all the works together, here are a few of them. Some of them are quite "famous" around the net ^^`
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