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  1. pilots and guns are included. No boxes are included.
  2. Hey, I remember your username despite not having been on this site for a good 4-5 years. Thank you for the message. I'll research on the pricing and put it up in the post. A lot of my models I honestly don't remember the brand. But I think the manuals can help. I'll update them tomorrow. Thanks again for the advice!
  3. Selling off my entire Macross Chogokin collection! All figures were NEVER EVER transformed (I appreciate fighter mode more than Gerwalk or Battleroid mode). There are no yellowing on any parts of the models at all. They were all kept away from the sun and displayed in a very minimally lit room inside of a glass display case in a non-smoking/pet-free house. Price-wise, I accept fair market offers. I'm not looking to make a profit or anything, just merely trying to break even or minimize my loss from what I paid when they were first released. Prefer bulk purchase if possible, US buyers only! Shipped from San Francisco Bay Area! Accept Paypal GIFT/Invoice (add 4%) or Zelle! Thank you! Pictures will be uploaded Thursday afternoon. - Arcadia VF-0D (1st release I recall, w/ manual and missiles, no other accessories) - $350 https://ibb.co/pwBHBpZ https://ibb.co/wz1kjVg https://ibb.co/x1tjpDn - Arcadia VF-0S (1st release I recall, w/ manual and missiles, no other accessories) - $350 https://ibb.co/YWbqvNj https://ibb.co/Ksk1Z72 https://ibb.co/G3Zk6Tz https://ibb.co/tmJ59R7 - Arcadia VF-0A (1st release I recall, w/ manual and missiles, no other accessories) - $350 https://ibb.co/ySpg3mr https://ibb.co/HhZbqQY https://ibb.co/3NPtD2S - Arcadia VF-1J Max (1st release I recall) - $350 https://ibb.co/DVdXwYy https://ibb.co/FgtrLt5 https://ibb.co/zmHW8T6 - Arcadia VF-1J Milia (1st release I recall) - $350 https://ibb.co/7gvNty9 https://ibb.co/SBfPbgJ https://ibb.co/jbm547v https://ibb.co/prVNZ8T - Bandai VF-31J - $250 https://ibb.co/rfYszTh https://ibb.co/wgmtFJ0 https://ibb.co/jG0F3Tn - Bandai VF-31F - $250 https://ibb.co/KXMxvTY https://ibb.co/sqVHdpc - Arcadia VF-4G - (w/ manual, no accessories) $350 https://ibb.co/N3cxHYN https://ibb.co/TKyRbXj https://ibb.co/Vqd1YrW https://ibb.co/6Ww2Nc7
  4. liulin04

    Bandai DX VF-31

    I just found out from HLJ that the pre-orders for the VF-31J is now closed. I totally missed the pre-orders despite checking HLJ every 3 days or so. WTH. Is there another store where I can pre-order the VF-31J Bandai Chogokin? Any insight would be greatly appreciated, thank you!!!
  5. just paid for my lightning today, hope to receive it in a few days. So stoked!
  6. ultimate man cave! And thanks for the idea of the display case. I might put something underneath my detlof cases too.
  7. The Yeti stands look so cool, thank you so much!!!
  8. Seems that the 6 inch stands are sold out. Are there any other places that sell them? Thanks!
  9. Can anyone tell me what kind of stands these are? I need them to display my macross too. So many are just parking on the tarmac, they need to be airborne
  10. Good. I have never ordered from Amiami before. The prices seem to be cheaper compared to HLJ for other girly figures that my wife is interested in. In terms of shipping from HLJ though, they are marvelous. They shipped the VF-0S in a very thick box, and nothing was damaged. Not too sure about Amiami, what are some of you guys' opinions for this site?
  11. is it a crime to actually throw away these nice looking Arcadia boxes? Because I already threw away the VF-0A and 0S boxes since they are taking up too much space. I consolidated all of my manuals and sticker sheets into the VF-0D box.
  12. Got it, thank you for the big help. Will post it on the FAQ next time.
  13. I used to own a whole bunch of old Yamato Macross VF-1 series toys, they're the ones with very heavy/metal legs, and they have to be detached in order to transform. Recently I saw a video online that shows a "renewed/improved" version of the VF-1s that feature a tainted cockpit glass, at 1/60 scale and much better improvements. Does anyone know the name of the renewal versions? Thanks!
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