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  1. On 12/15/2019 at 4:18 PM, bleecher said:

    Engineering on the figure looks amazing. I am especially impressed by the remote control LEDs. Hopefully they produce more hero units.

    As good as this looks, 1/72 scale is a deal breaker for me, as it's not going to match any other mobile suit toys or models I have on my shelves.

    If it had been in either 1/100 scale or 1/144 scale (or there about), I would likely have pre-ordered it.

  2. 3 hours ago, carlsylar said:

    I think it is a bit over priced especially the funnels are sold separately for 27500 yen

    There's been loads of videos and still images of the Metal Structure RX-93 Nu-Gundam, highlighting the gimmicks, features, opening hatches, LED lights etc, but almost nothing about the articulation, or perhaps lack thereof.

    I'd love to know what range of motion this thing is capable of? I think so far all we have seen is that the elbows can bend 90 degrees.

    I'm not expecting it to be super articulated, I do understand that the size, weight and gimmicks may be limiting factors to the amount of articulation that can be added.

    However, at the insane price they are asking, I'd expected at least strong ratcheted joints on the shoulders, elbows, hips and knees, with at least a 90 degree range of movement on the knees and elbows and hopefully close to that for hip front and rear range of motion.

    Hopefully this thing is not just a statue with only limited  movement in the arms.



  3. I bought the Bandai Metal Build Crossbone Gundam X1 and Bandai Metal Build F91 last week.

    No pics yet, but here's my observations:

    Firstly, I need to say that I'm a big fan of late UC era miniaturized mobile suit designs such as the F90, F91, Victory Gundam etc.

    I didn't use to be a fan of the Crossbone Gundam, but after recently reading the manga, the design has really grown on my to the point where it's now one of my favorite mobile suite designs..........I now own the 1/144 scale Crossbone X1 RG model kit, the 1/100 X1 MG model kit and now the Metal Build X1 toy.

    Metal Build F91 Gundam Comments

    First the negatives:

    1. The Metal Build is not anime accurate. It is a stylized redesign/reimagining. This is what put me off buying the Metal Build F91 for so long. If you are like me and love the anime movie F91 design and want an anime-accurate high-end toy of the F91, the Metal Build may not be  for you. Sure, it is recognizable as an F91, but nearly every part has been changed so that it is NOT anime line-art accurate. The most notable and easily spotted changes are the redesign of the VSBRs, the redesigned shape of the chest grill and the redesign of the shoulder armour. The classic and iconic F91 shoulder markings have also been changed so that they are no longer solid red. These redesigns may not bother you, but as an anime/line-art purist they bother me. I did know it was not anime accurate when I bought it, but still went ahead.
    2. Next negative - The V-fin does not attach securely and gets knocked off extremely easily during normal  handling at the slightest touch.
    3. Next negative - The beam shield does not attach securely and gets knocked off extremely easily during normal  handling at the slightest touch.
    4. Minor negative -the box is constructed of quite flimsy card. Maybe I'm spoiled by the Macross Delta DX boxes. Anyway, I'm not a box collector and have already thrown out the F91 box,.
    5. Last negative, there is no gimmick for opening the cockpit hatch. Maybe I'm too used to Master Grade kits, but I love to be able to open the cockpit hatch on mobile suits and see the pilot figure inside. You would think on such a high-end and expensive toy, which is actually physically larger than the 1/100 Master Grade, which does have an opening cockpit feature this would be possible, but sadly it is absent on the Metal Build.
    6. On the positive side, joints are nice and tight, fit, finish, paint applications and markings are all excellent and articulation is very good.

    Metal Build Crossbone Gundam X1 Comments

    1.  A near perfect figure. Tight joints, great detail, tones of accessories. Looks awesome.
    2.  Good articulation, great fit. The finish, paint apps and markings are perfect. No flaws on mine.
    3. Only negatives I can think of out the box card stock is a bit flimsy. But as with the F91 I have already thrown out the box to save space as I  seldom keep boxes.
    4. The wrist pegs for the hands do seem a little thin, so I'm a bit concerned about stress or breakage if I change the hands too many times as the hand-to-wrist peg fit is quite tight and a bit of force is required to push the hand onto the wrist peg.
    5. The Crossbone Gundam X1 gets a 99% rating from me.
  4. Finally just got around to finishing the last few episodes of the GRRM based Nightflyers on Netflix.

    I'd watched up to episode 6  when it was first released and then I got bored. and moved onto other things.

    Finally decided to push myself to finish it last week, but what a shitty ending/non-ending.

    And from what I've researched it's not been picked up for a second season either.

  5. On 9/28/2019 at 12:50 AM, kalvasflam said:

    The funny thing is that given what's happened, Marvel is now going to start figuring out how to push Spiderman to the sidelines, they'll evolve it during the films, but in a way that still contribute to the MCU.  And it makes Fantastic Four harder.

    Can you imagine the next big Spiderman success?  Then Sony asks for more money again?

    Alternatively, Marvel buys out Sony Entertainment to get the rights back and bring all of Marvel home, and then sell Sony Entertainment again.

    Personally, I don't think Fantastic Four will ever be a big success as a live-action movie. We've had two failed, disastrous  attempts already.

    I just don't think the characters are interesting or likable enough for a mainstream movie franchise.

  6. I'm probably one of the few people in the world who never really got into or liked Breaking Bad that much.

    I finally watched most of it on Netflix with my wife last year, as a show we could watched together, as many friends had recommended it.

    While it was OK, I kinda got board with it and didn't even watch the last one and a half seasons, although my wife finished all of it.

    So yeah, thought it was OK, but not great. 



  7. Will watch trailer when in appropriate mood and can summon interest.

    First movie was good, but not buy blu-ray good. Watch once at cinema good and then catch it again if it shows in TV and I've nothing better to watch or do good.

    Second movie was forgettable. I vaguely remember Colin Firth in an eyepatch and something about an American agent with a whip???? That's my grand total memory of watching the movie, so it can't have been that good.

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