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  1. I know I'm very late to the game, but after a 6 year hiatus from all things Macross, I finally decided to get myself some Bandai DX VF-1 this in the past month. 😅

    Got VF-1S Hikaru + Strike Parts + missile set, VF-1D, VF-1A Kakizaki and VF-1J Hikaru + GBP-1S Armor.

    Really nice toys. My only complaint is the way the arms and legs peg into the toy in fighter mode is not really secure enough with the Super/Strike Parts installed.

  2. On both my HMR VF-0D the wings cannot peg in all the way into the legs in fighter mode.  The pegs only go about halfway into the leg slots. I think the pegs or tabs (whatever you want to call them) are slightly oversize.

    I may need to try carefully filling down the peg/tabs on the wings.

  3. At this point with the DX VF-1 series, I'm surprised that Bandai doesn't sell us the FAST packs piece by piece or the missiles, missile-by-missile as Tamashi exclusives, LOL😅

    Peasants......Just count yourselves lucky that we actually get a pilot figure with the Valk, not as a paid web-exclusive, limited edition extra! Hahaha

    I really shouldn't be giving them ideas.😂

  4. I think it will be interesting to see how Sunrise handle a Macross show.

    As long as it is better than Delta, I'll be happy. But that is a pretty low bar, so it shouldn't be difficult.

    Hopefully there is a decent budget allocated to it and we get some good animation quality and and a fair amount of mecha action.

    I'm fine with Macross animes always being based on the standard 3 pillars of music, mecha and a love triangle, but at least give me 5 minutes of mecha action per 20 + minute episode.

    The thing I hated most about Delta is that after Messer died in episode 13, we had no mecha action at all until episode 24 IIRC. I remember week after week hoping for some mecha action, but there was nothing.  Heck I'll even settle for just 2 minutes of mecha per episode as long as it's well animated.

    My guess is that Sunrise will go somewhere back in the timeline, rather than do a post-Delta show. 

  5. Given that I missed out on the original Bandai DX YF-19 release (although I have the VF-19 Advance), I'm looking forward to this new reissue of the YF-19, even if it is missing most of the accessory parts.

    But I really hope that Bandai have tightened up the wing joints, or got rid of the high-speed mode. As I hated the loose wings caused by the high-speed mode mid-wing hinge joint.

  6. After 6 years away from Macross (for various reasons), I'm just stating to get back in and collect some of the toys I missed during my hiatus.

    I picked up the VF-31AX Kairos Plus last week and I have to say I'm pretty happy with it.

    I haven't transformed it yet, it's staying in Fighter mode so far, but looks great in my opinion. My only complaint so far is the gap behind the cockpit, which can be massaged away to a certain extent, but tends to open up again once you actually pick up and handle the toy.

    I love that it is a more heavily armed, combat-oriented version of the VF-31 with micro-missiles instead of drones in the leg bays and larger arm-mounted rail guns and a beam gun mission pack instead of the drone charger.



  7. I wish Big West would offer the option to purchase high-resolution digital downloads with English subtitles of all the various Macross animes, internationally

    To be honest, given the limited storage space I have and also the fact that from my experience in the country I live, DVDs and Blu-Ray discs tend to either scratch and become unreadable or deteriorate due to the heat and humidity here within a decade of purchasing and become unreadable.

    These days I far prefer buying digital downloads, rather than expensive and relatively fragile physical discs, with their limited lifespan.

  8. Hopefully, there will be a digital download version to buy, available outside of the US. I haven't bought a Blu-ray in years and really don't want to buy physical media anymore.

    Annoys the f*ck out of me that Amazon US/UK will sell and ship me any Blu-ray/DVD/CD disk I want, but try to get the same movie/TV series/album as a digital download and it's "Oh no we don't sell to your country".

    10 hours ago, technoblue said:

    Sweet news. I'm going to cross my fingers that there are fewer hiccups this time.


  9. On 9/4/2020 at 2:04 AM, Mog said:

    I haven't been checking Hasbro Pulse every day this entire month to see when this gets released :angel::crazy::


    Extremely disappointed these are not 6" Black Series figures.

    My son and I gave up collecting 3.75" figures about 7 years ago. 

    Now we only collect Black Series 6" Clone Troopers, Stormtroopers and Mandalorian figures.



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