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  1. And to think that back in the day, all we had was the Takatoku/Bandai stuff (with the exception of a few kits) and we were ll pretty happy. Now it's this version, that version, oh and wait, a revision of this version because version one was made with crap materials..... One more thing. Why not revisit older topics if the interest is still there. I asked because I just got an Ivanov.
  2. When they say revisit, I wonder if they mean a whole new design, or just a rerun.Oh, also, is this new VF-0 a whole new design???
  3. I'm making the dead rise by coming back to this one. But I gotta ask. Has anybody even seen the Kakzaki version for sale?? I've been tryin to find one since forever! I already got the mass production version ,by the way.
  4. I know that I'm super late (again) to the party, but is any of this theory true?
  5. HLJ just gave me a -------- email. They're not gonna help me.
  6. My question is why would you want to. It looks pretty cool to me. Just an opinion of course. To each his own.
  7. I don't know if my reply will even matter at tis moment in time. But if I had to give an opinion, I would have to say to go with the DYRL Hikaru VF -1A. I know that's not what you were originally looking for, but I have to say that it's hands down my favorite. Just my 2 cents.
  8. Let me know if you have em. A beater is fine. I just need some arms!
  9. The only bad thing is that they do not include the collar on the VF-0A arms. Mine actually broke right there! It's also a bummer that I would have to repaint the arms, but it isn't a deal breaker. I'm just bummed about the collars.
  10. I know that this is a pretty old subject, but I just need to get a possible answer. Back in the day, I replaced a VF-0A arm, only to have the other arm break while putting it on! At that point, I was too pissed off to go through the whole process again. Well now it's starting to bother me again and I was hoping somebody could steer me in the right direction (if possible). Also, I don't want to limit this subject to just the VF-0A. I want to know where I can get the V2 VF-1 replacement parts as well. It just makes me sick that we pay all this money, just to have it break later on.
  11. unclechopchop

    Macross 30

    It's like you're seriously blind and didn't bother reading what other people are saying as well.
  12. unclechopchop

    Macross 30

    God forbid anybody expresses an opinion.....
  13. unclechopchop

    Macross 30

    Or maybe I'm talking about what some other are talking about.
  14. unclechopchop

    Macross 30

    If this turns out to be a RPG and not a fly around, transforming shoot em up, my pre-order will be cancelled. And to all of the people that say that I'm being stupid, I CAN'T READ JAPANESE!! Plus, normal english RPG's drive me nuts anyways. Too much of that stuff is put in games these days, slowing action down, and making things super confusing (at least to me).
  15. I know this is a longshot, but oh well, I'll try.
  16. Thank you. I've checked those spots, but unfortunately I guess I'm trying to find out more.
  17. Wow, sarcasm. Considering we're on an English speaking board, I just figured I would ask.
  18. How are you guys even able to read these things. I've only found translation for the first collected book.
  19. unclechopchop

    Macross 30

    I just hope this game isn't super difficult to navigate. I had a little bit of trouble figuring some of the PSP games screens.
  20. It's on YouTube, so it can be done. Look it up on gamefaqs. I think I remember somebody talking about it.
  21. Yeah, I have that one pre-ordered. I just hope it's easier to navigate than the PSP games. I'm not gonna lie. Sometimes the confusion led me to hate the game due to the lack of English. Which to me made no sense considering that the PS2 game had barely any English, I could still find my way around.
  22. Anybody that has one that is willing to sell or trade up their 1/60 Yamato SV-51's, please PM me.
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