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  1. Is this really worth it for the game? I know the movie is the main attraction, but I just was curious. Also I heard it was just upgraded graphics of the same levels on the Frontier psp games. To me personally, from what I've seen, it looks alot like the ps2 game that came out long ago. Any help is appreciated because I was thinking about getting this movie/game. Oh, also. The collectors edition has an art book in it. Can anybody tell me if that's worth getting the CE for, or can I get alot of that extra artwork through other books!
  2. I am looking to trade my Hot Toys T-800 Tech Noir Terminator and my DX Bruce Lee for some Macross stuff. I am looking for: Yamato SV-51 Ivanov Yamato 1/60 version 2.0 TV Kakizaki Yamato 1/60 2.0 movie VF-1A cannon fodder Bandai 1/100 Hi Metal Vf-1S or VF-1A Bandai Old School DYRL VF-1A Hikaru (red stripe version) in box Gakken Mospeada Cyclone motorcycle Also feel free to drop me some offers and tell me what you got.
  3. I am looking for both an Hasegawa SV-51 Ivanov decal sheet as well as a VF-1 red and black Hikaru DYRL striped decal sheet. Please send me a PM if you got em and maybe we can deal.
  4. Is there anywhere I can get a Translation for Vol. #1 and 2? Any help is appreciated.
  5. I am eyeballing the new Bandai Hi metal VF-1, and was wondering if anybody has one. If so, how is it? How does it measure up compared to the 1/60 Yamato V2's? I like the idea that Bandai is getting back into the older Macross again, but jut need to know a little more before I pull the trigger. Any help is appreciated. Oh, also how much of it is actually metal?
  6. Thanks. But yeah, I already got that one. I just want the Kakizaki right now. Unfortunately I am super late to the party. I should have bit about a year ago.
  7. I have a dvd copy od the movie, but it seems awfully dark/muddy. I am positive that it's the same copy that a majority of us have. The question is, is there anybody out there that has a super clear version? I know there was an HD version released back in '07, but unfortunately that did not come with english subtitles. So if there is anybody out there that can possibly tell me where to get a good copy, please let me know. This is something that has been bothering me since way back.
  8. This book is probably the best Macross book ever released. For the price, this book is an absolute steal! I bought mine for $200 back in the day.
  9. I am looking for some Yamato GN-U line VF-1A's. I want the Mass production version, as well as the Kakizaki version. If anybody has got them and wants to part with them, send me a PM.
  10. Michael Bay can dust my balls. I hate that guy. But yeah, I checked out that actual transformer, and I have to admit, I will probably get it. Man I hate toys. 34 Years old, and they have consumed my being.
  11. Huh? Is there a P-51 in the new movie or something? Leave it to that jerk to ruin things like usual.
  12. I don't know....I'm actually kinda working on that. I actually want to make every skull leader model that I can while adding my own renditions. I'm going to do an X-29 and hopefully a Russian SU-37 with the forward swept wings.
  13. Here is another post of my original post because I finally managed to get the pics corrected so you guys can actually see them now. Let me know what you think.
  14. anybody know how the hell I post pics. I've done it before, but for some reason it isn't letting me upload anything. I've tried now about 20 times to no avail.
  15. For some damn reason, it aint letting me post my pics. I keep on uploading them, but it always comes up blank and it's pissing me off!
  16. I just finished this one tonight. Just wanted to bring something new to the table. Please let me know what you guys think.
  17. I was just wondering if anybody has a VF-17s,d 1/72 Wave vinyl kit that they might want to sell. Let me know if you got em
  18. I am looking for a version 1 1/48 scale low visibilty vf-1a. If anybody has one, please hit me up. And no, I don't want to pay some outrageous price for it either.So if you have something for me, send me a PM or message here. Thanks
  19. I just got both the VF-1S and VF-1A, and I have to say....WOW. I never thought I would see such quality from Yamato. I am absolutely stunned. Going from the V.1 1/60's to the 1/48's, and on to this. I absolutley love what they have achieved. Granted they could have integrated some die-cast, I still think that it really has a solid feel to it. I do often hear about this shoulder hinge thing. I hope that it's an easy fix, or Yamato clears the problem up in time. The quality control has jumped a million points in my book. I imagined that they would be better than the past innovations, but jeez. I
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