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Decided to hack my HMR VF-1A left leg piece..

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I don’t have any takers on the “let’s trade leg pieces “ thread , so..

Here’s Hikaru’s ride. Has problems,  let’s get into it..


I first carefully cut off the tabs and drilled them out with a sharp knife for pins. Mirror imaged the parts for precise location of pegs on the “correct “ side. Used a little dab of glue on the proper piece pegs to mark the side I’m drilling for pins. Clean glue off proper piece pegs with one swipe, and then Ye, ole paper clip..




I Cut off the pins to length and test fit into leg piece. It’s nice and tight, that’s why I like the tapered cut of an exacto style blade. It’s tight where the pin goes thru the other side, but cuts a little more room near the base for the glue to fill in..

Then glue it and screw it...back together:p

(After the excess glue has been wiped and dried ..:D )

Oh, and do notice the prominent “L” stamped on the inside piece..




Now a test fit..ah, you can tell they’re both lefts by the small recessed rectangular panel in the lower right corner of  each piece.. 

Oh well, it’ll do..


The hacked piece will need a little wet sanding and some touch up paint..

But, as can be seen, fits quite nice and is snug..


And comes off in one piece..


Hikaru is back on flight duty!



Thanks for watching.

See you next Deculture!;)


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