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  1. A friend sold some chibis and Guld's ride. Now I gotta find Isamu's.
  2. Delta-1 and ELINT Seeker A bunch of Federation GunPla as well.
  3. One of the most sought after books for a Macross collector - The DYRL? Data Bank. Yikes, that's unexpected... My friends who ordered the book also got DYRL film strips, so your copy is a bit of an odd-man out... Area 88 is a good series though, so hold on to those strips, and maybe they'll increase in value too as time passes
  4. The Gold Book also came with these, so it really was money very well spent
  5. My latest purchases so far over the holiday season. Wallet is still recovering in the ICU as of this time.
  6. A GBP-1 in 1/144 scale would be a nice sized kit
  7. Hasegawa Mirage VF-31C now up for pre-order in Hobby Search: http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10486644
  8. Got my Hase VF-31A, courtesy of a friend who is also into Macross and the model kits hobby in general. Below are other kit purchases within the past 2 weeks:
  9. Potential cosplay material!
  10. Here is the whole video of Kawamori-sensei's workshop at APCC Manila 2017. (Video is not mine, btw. Credits to Yanna Polidario.)
  11. Hi guys, here's my small share of pictures from the event. It's such a surreal experience! valkyriepilot meets Shoji!
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